No Outrage

WHY is there NO OUTRAGE THAT OUR United States SUPREME COURT WON’T EVEN LISTEN to the arguments presented by President Trump’s lawyers? They just flick away 75 million Americans voters, saying “leave me alone, I don’t like you” and we do nothing.

How can this travesty of justice just pass by like this?

Yes, I know the Democrats and the establishment Republicans control the media. So what? They don’t control us!

Everyone knows the Democrats succeeded in stealing the election. Even the Democrats. They openly brag about it with a lengthy time magazine article! Yet 75 million Americans just walk away thinking “oh well, better luck next time.”

American conservatives have been trained to be complacent. Ironically, they hold onto their guns proclaiming they have the right to bear arms, not recognizing why we have that right.

I’m not saying we storm Congress and shoot these traitors, I’m saying we should rise up in anger and somehow turn around this theft of a United States presidential election.

Democrats successfully staged a coup and we act as if it’s just another day.