Feckless Republicans

Governor CUOMO intentionally put infected patients Inside nursing facilities, which KILLED many thousands of ELDERLY PEOPLE needlessly. Why do Democrats get away with such extreme crimes? Why are they untouchable?

Because of feckless Republicans.

Democrats have been committing countless crimes throughout the years of the Republican Party ignored them.

Hillary Clinton should be in federal prison, ignored.

Joe Biden should be in federal prison, ignored.

Hunter Biden should be in federal prison, ignored.

I hate to say this, the reality is, Republican parties are complicit in the many crimes that the Democrats have committed. They should be thrown in jail just like the Democrats for ignoring the countless crimes.

If we don’t replace all of these cowardly, criminal Republicans, then we had better start another party, a Patriot Party. If we don’t, what do you think these feckless Republicans will do when the Democrats come after us?


Governor Andrew Cuomo Set Himself on Fire