Stop Letting Democrats Tell Us Who We Are

DEMOCRATS are personally RESPONSIBLE FOR 3000 MURDERED BABIES in the United States EVERY DAY, yet they have the nerve to accuse Republicans of being “terrorists, white supremacists & insurrectionists.”

75 million babies slaughtered so far.

What is wrong with the people of the United States? HAVE AMERICANS LOST THEIR SENSE OF OUTRAGE?

What is wrong with the Republican Party who allows this to happen? They claim to be pro-life, so why aren’t they doing something to stop this brutal murder of children in the United States?

Talk is cheap. Republicans have had control of government repeatedly yet they did nothing to stop child killing in America.

It’s time to demand more from politicians who claim they are pro-life. If our elected representatives don’t actually try to end abortion, we need to replace them either through a recall or with the next election.

We have to stop letting Democrats tell us who we are. We are not white supremacists and we are not insurrectionists and WE ARE NOT TERRORISTS!

I am proud to be a pro-life Christian who believes all people have the right to life on this earth. Even Democrats.