Consensus Issue Finally resolved, (this kind of) Democrat Cheating Not Allowed

We finally got the decision, Democrats won’t be able to use tens of millions of illegals to increase their representation in Congress. This should be a no-brainer, but as we saw with the 2020 presidential election, DEMOCRATS CHEAT!

For those of you who don’t know, every 10 years we do a census, we count people. It’s important that we do this because we want to know how many voting citizens are in certain areas to make sure they are given representation. How do Democrats take advantage of this?

Democrats have used “immigration” to pack America with 80 MILLION illegal and legal Latinos, most of whom vote Democrat. This has allowed them to take over America. To cross their finish line and to turn us into a socialist country, Democrats wanted to accelerate the process with tens of millions of illegal aliens. By “counting” them, many more Democrat representatives would have been created, giving them a super majority in Congress.

It’s disgusting that the United States Supreme Court is made up of never-Trump cowards who won’t stand up against Democrat cheating, but at least they made the right decision on this issue.