Feckless Republicans

I have little faith in the feckless Republican Party. They allowed Democrats to grow in strength, becoming our tyrannical overlords. President Trump is the closest thing we’ve had to a conservative for many years.

Will the Supreme Court defend America? Will they do their job? We know the Democrats won’t, and there are liberal Republicans, like John Roberts, who will stab Trump and America in our backs.

America is going to go one way or the other. Democrats have a seething hatred for anyone who doesn’t think the way they do. They will not allow us to exist. Republican witnesses to their cheating have been beaten, their houses have been burned, they’ve been fired from their jobs and they’ve had to move from their homes.

The reason Democrats repeatedly bring up Adolf Hitler and the Nazis is to desensitize us. They accuse Republicans of Nazi-like behavior when none exists so that when they behave like that, nobody will pay attention.

People often ask how the Jews allowed themselves to be dominated and slaughtered like they were in Nazi Germany. The answer is simple, they ignored all the warning signs. The same thing is happening in America today.

This latest election shows us what we’re up against.

  1. Democrats used coronavirus to scare America into giving them the keys to the country. Over 10,000 restaurants have been forced to shut down and hundreds of thousands of other businesses have either already done so, or will have do so in the coming months.
  2. Democrats then used coronavirus to scare people into thinking they had to vote from home, which allowed them to illegally change election laws.

At this point, the biggest question is, will the United States Supreme Court defend America or will they turn against us. If they turn against us and rule for the crooked Democrats, we’re done. If we allow Democrats to take over the federal government completely, they will use our United States military against us. We have already lost the FBI, Department of Justice, IRS and every other government department.



I’ve been talking about Democrats using our military against us for a long time. Now, Democrats are openly vocalizing their desire to do so. Michigan Democrat Cynthia Johnson is calling for soldiers to “make them (us) pay.”

Unfortunately, too many Americans think they are frogs in a sauna, where the water is just a little bit too hot. Is it too late to jump out?