The “Big Lie” Continues

We know Democrats cheated in Georgia. We saw the video and we heard the testimonies from people who gave sworn testimonys.

Yet Democrats are experts at lying.

They keep repeating their lies until it makes people doubt what they know.

Remember the night of the election? We saw on TV as the Democrat-controlled media announced “they’re going to stop counting because of a water leak.” We didn’t make it up. They did! Need proof?

They lied. Democrats used the “water leak” to kick out Republicans and the media.

The ironic thing is, at the end of the video one of the cackling Democrat media representatives says “but John, I love your knowledge of history, but have you ever heard of an election being delayed because of a pipe burst?” Then you hear the other Democrat media representatives laughing and cackling along with that comment.

He answers, obviously knowing it was ridiculous, “ahh, no.”