Monthly Archives: November 2020

End This Fake Election

It doesn’t matter if there are enough votes found to turn the election around. The point is Democrats cheated, everywhere!

If an athlete cheats, does he get to keep his medal?


If you cheat in school, do you get to keep your A?


Either revote or end this FAKE election.

Pro-life Answers To Pro-Choice Questions

POPlitics brings us Pro-life answers to pro-choice questions.

Will America Remain A Free Country?

“There is coordinated censorship.” Think about it. Facebook, Google, Twitter and other left-wing media work together to censor conservative/Republican, AMERICAN citizens.

“Shut up and obey or we will make you be quiet.” Tucker Carlson

Republicans Defend The Rights Of All Citizens

Even though Republicans may hate what you say, they will defend your right to say it. Democrats will hate what you say, they will condemn your right to say it, and they will demand you get fired for it.

Republicans defend the rights of all citizens. Democrats defend the rights of people they agree with, while trying to get those who disagree with them fired or prevented from doing whatever they might want to do.