The Hunter Biden Information Is Not A Conspiracy!

We can tell our “intelligence” community is part of a Democrat cabal because they easily dug up 50 so-called “former senior intelligence officials” to claim the Hunter Biden laptop scandal “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

I’m not sure why Democrats flock to public service like government, including our school systems. Probably because they like to control people, and where better to do so.

The problem is they are there.

I don’t really see that we can do anything about it. Democrats hate our guts, they despise anyone who doesn’t agree with their progressive agenda.

What you have to know is what the Democrats are protecting. They’re protecting a former Vice President who illegally bribed and coerced foreign governments to hire his son, Hunter.

On top of that, Hunter Biden doesn’t appear to be an upstanding citizen. From the laptops, we can see, literally, he was involved in sex, drugs, prostitution and supposedly pedophilia. Granted, I wasn’t a model citizen, but I never took it that far!

It’s absurd that 50 former members of our “intelligence” community agreed to sign a letter protecting someone who appears to be one of the biggest scumbags in history. It’s absurd that they came together to protect a vice president who obviously should be in jail.

America is in serious trouble. Democrats will stop at nothing to take over. Even Barack Obama tried to stop candidate Trump in 2016 from winning the election by using the Democrat-controlled FBI to illegally spy on his actions.

I always say, I’m not just angry at the Democrats. They are criminals, this is what they do. I’m angry at Republicans for allowing them to do it!

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