Monthly Archives: September 2020

“Juan Williams stupid comments of the week”

Someone needs to start a “Juan Williams stupid comments of the week” report. The problem is, he probably has enough material from just one day to do an entire segment on. His latest comment is like saying “If you don’t get in the water, you will drown.”

The Earth Is Cooling, Significantly

“From Canada all the way down to Mexico, a record-breaking blob of “blue” and “purple” has engulfed the eastern half of North America, and will continue to linger for some time:”

That’s not all.


Are you preparing for the grand solar minimum? It’s only going to get colder, every year. There will be food shortages and it will get difficult .


“Tough Luck. Don’t Be a F**king Trump Supporter in Portland”

Do you really want to give up your Second Amendment rights to people who want to see you DEAD? Seriously?


It has now been proven that the Chinese Communist Party created the Chinese virus as a biological weapon.

The entire world was affected by coronavirus / the Chinese virus, with many dead and over $1 trillion in cost. It’s time to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable!

Dr. Lawrence Sellin: The Unequivocal Evidence Chinese Scientist Dr. Li-Meng Yan Provides Proof COVID-19 was Created by China’s Military