Monthly Archives: September 2020

Man who defended himself & was charged with murder has committed suicide

Fascist Democrats. Jake Gardner was defending his bar when he killed a blm terrorist in self-defense. This was the initial ruling, but pressured by Democrat citizens, Democrat politicians arrested him and charged him with murder. Now, he committed suicide!

Fascist Democrats removed his GoFundMe site so that he couldn’t receive financial support. These same fascist Democrats allow terrorists, murderers, rioters and looters to have GoFundMe sites.

Patriots are in big trouble in these disUnited States of America.


Democrats Won’t Allow Republicans To Control The Supreme Court

Democrats won’t be happy with the Supreme Court, & they will do what they always do, cheat. After they take over the United States, they will pack the Supreme Court with additional, Democrat-leaning justices. Taxation without representation is our future.

Elections Have Consequences

I could care less if “Justice Ginsburg’s dying wish was that her seat would not be filled until a new president is installed.” In the famous words of Barack Obama when he extended his middle finger to Republicans in 2010, “ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!”

Obama Says Wait

Obama says we should honor Ginsberg’s “instructions” and put off the vote on the new Supreme Court justice. Right, you know darn well if you were in power you would say the right thing to do would be to serve the American people & put in a new justice.