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Once Again, “The Big Lie”

Once Again, “The Big Lie”

This article is about Joe Biden’s latest attack on President Trump, which I have linked to at the bottom of this article.

Why do Democrats constantly bring up Adolf Hitler, Nazis & Joseph Goebbels? Because Democrats are copying their methods of taking over a country. Perhaps their most powerful tool is Goebbels & “the big lie.” Big lies are more believable than little lies.


Removing That Pesky Freedom Of Speech Problem

This is what Democrats want, no freedom of speech. In Australia, Germany & England, fascists are arresting people who speak out against tyranny.

In this case, a German doctor in London was telling the truth about coronavirus and the English government didn’t like it.

We are not far behind. When Democrats take over in 2024, this will happen.

Amy Coney Barrett

Amy Coney Barrett – Let the Democrat freak out begin!

Amy Coney Barrett and abortion

Is Amy Coney Barrett the best we can do as a “conservative,” female Supreme Court justice nominee? Though she may be personally opposed to abortion, would she support legislation getting rid of it?

Abortion will end soon, & obviously, God knows what He is doing.