Democrat Party, The Party Of Evil

Democrat Party, The Party Of Evil

Democrats, the pedophile party, the party of abortion and the party of evil, continue “to release illegal alien career criminals back into communities, including those charged with murder and child sex crimes.”

Breitbart article

Imagine if your child was molested and the Democrats opened the molester’s jail cell.


Imagine if your wife, husband or child was murdered and the Democrats opened the jail cell for the murder.

If Republicans were committing these kind of evil acts, Democrats would be screaming from the highest minarets, every day, until it stopped.

Well, no, they wouldn’t be screaming if we were helping “career criminals,” that turf belongs to them which we wouldn’t possibly try to steal. Democrats scream when:

  • we are helping Christians pray in school
  • we are helping Christians maintain their nativity scenes
  • we are helping patriots keep the American flag waving on their property
  • we are defending babies from having their arms, legs and heads ripped from their bodies, while they are still alive
  • we are defending babies from having their body parts sold on the open market
  • say anything against the transsexual or homosexual party, including when they take over girl and female sports
  • defend our Founding Fathers
  • support “In God we Trust”
  • defend the nuclear family, man, woman and child

Have you noticed the pattern? Democrats scream when Republicans do something nice or normal. Democrats support anything that destroys America, Israel or Christianity.

Why Israel? I’m not sure why Democrats have this infatuation with attacking one of the founding religions of America. They didn’t want to move the capital to Jerusalem and they are constantly accusing Israel of war crimes. The anti-Semitic attacks that come out of their mouths almost daily is also unbelievable.

This latest effort by the Democrats, allowing sanctuary cities to illegally protect and release child molesters, murderers and other career criminals should be shut down by the Republicans. This is just another example of their extreme evil behavior.

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