Once Again, “The Big Lie”

Once Again, “The Big Lie”

This article is about Joe Biden’s latest attack on President Trump, which I have linked to at the bottom of this article.

Why do Democrats constantly bring up Adolf Hitler, Nazis & Joseph Goebbels? Because Democrats are copying their methods of taking over a country. Perhaps their most powerful tool is Goebbels & “the big lie.” Big lies are more believable than little lies.

Democrats have become experts at pointing fingers. What Americans should recognize is that while one finger is pointing at their target/victim, three fingers are pointing back at them. Whatever they accuse Republicans of, they do, probably 100 times more than their accused. That is, IF the accused even does what they are accusing him/her of doing!

For instance, they accuse Republicans of being violent. In the real world, we see thousands of violent Democrats marching through the streets rioting, burning, looting and killing in what the Democrat-controlled describe as “peaceful protests.”

Remember Nick Sandman? While he was being targeted and harassed, the lying Democrat propaganda media reported the incident as him being a white supremacist, racist who stood in the way of an army veteran, native American who was peacefully marching. The truth eventually came out. Nick Sandman didn’t jump in the way of the man, who was not an army veteran. The “native American” harassed Nick Sandman, and Nick Sandman won millions of dollars in lawsuits against the lying, Democrat, propaganda media.

Look at the almost weekly accusations of “racist” cop killings. Almost every single one of them was a valid shooting, oftentimes the result of a violent, armed thug threatening police officers.

What about George Floyd? Floyd was not murdered, he died of a heart attack because of drug use and a bad lifestyle. He avoided getting in the police car not because he was claustrophobic, but because he wanted to drop a bag of cocaine or heroin onto the ground to hide it. He said I can’t breathe while he was standing and talking to the police officers. He was breathing fine at that time. Floyd was a criminal who stole cigarettes from a store after they wouldn’t accept his COUNTERFEIT $20 bill.

What about Michael Brown and “hands up, don’t shoot?” The “gentle giant” was anything but. After being confronted for stealing, brown towered over the smaller Asian man who ran the store, threatening him. After Brown was confronted by a police officer in the street, Brown tried to steal the police officer’s gun. Unsuccessful, he tried to get away. The officer told him to put up his hands and stop. Brown put down his head and charged the officer who shot and killed him. “Hands up, don’t shoot” never happened. Black witnesses even said so! They confirmed the chain of events that was described by the police officer.

How about Trayvon Martin? Martin ambushed Zimmerman, tackling him to the ground and repeatedly banged his head into the concrete. Before he passed out, Zimmerman pulled his weapon and shot Martin. Trayvon Martin was hardly a peaceful young man just walking the neighborhood.

Democrats accuse Republicans of being fascists while they actively pursue fascist policies in the United States, including forced lockdowns and forced vaccines. While they continue to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay, Democrat politicians are allowing half of the businesses in America to go bankrupt. Millions of Americans are forcibly unemployed.

Democrats want to take away our guns because they know freedom loving Americans won’t put up with fascist dictators.

Democrats take everything out of context, cherry-picking words from videos and articles, doing their best to make Republicans out to be evil, violent people. When we talk about defending ourselves from their fascist behavior, they paint us as violent, even though we never talk about instigating violent action against them. Again, we only talk about defending ourselves.

If there’s one thing obvious in the United States, Republicans aren’t the ones who are violent. We don’t shoot unless we are shot at or threatened with violence. In other words, we respond, appropriately. We don’t instigate or initiate violence. Democrats, on the other hand, are the complete opposite.

Thousands of businesses have been burned to the ground in the past few months. Hundreds of people have been injured. Dozens have people have been killed. Thousands of Americans have been harassed. There have been countless racist attacks against white people. Not by Republicans, by Democrats.

Yet the Democrat-controlled, propaganda media has the gall to say Republicans are violent. They have the gall to accuse Republicans of behaving like terrorists. They have the nerve to call these riots “peaceful protests.”

Yesterday, Joe Biden accused President Trump of being like Joseph Goebbels. Biden also “likened Trump to the communist dictator Fidel Castro.”

That’s rich.

Democrats embraced Fidel Castro and even normalized relations with this dictator during the Obama administration. They were also kissy-kissy with Hugo Chavez, the dictator of Venezuela. Let’s not forget the famous “reset” button with Russia by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Then, during the 2016 presidential race, Hillary and Obama had the nerve to accuse President Trump of colluding with Russia to steal the American election!

A member of the organization “Patriot Prayer” was hunted down by a Democrat and assassinated. This murdering thug became a Democrat darling overnight for his action. They didn’t condemn him. To the contrary, many democrats cheered his violent action, and Vice even did an interview with him! The murdering, Democrat coward finally took his life, suicide by cop, after he was confronted by police.

There are hundreds of examples of violent action against pro-life people around America, even resulting in the death of some of us. They beat us with clubs, run over us with cars, shoot us with guns, throw batteries at us from moving vehicles and more. Yes, this happened to me and my associates as we were standing on the side of the road with abortion signs.

Typically, Democrats target old people, little girls, women and weak men. if these cowards confront a republican/conservative man face-to-face, they will do it as a sneak attack, sucker punching the person or shooting him.

Unfortunately, 95% of the media in America is Democrat-controlled propaganda. CNN, ABC, MSNBC and yes, in many instances, even Fox News, help promote the agenda of the Democrat Party.

As we head into another presidential election, Democrats are once again playing footage from the 60s of police officers attacking and beating black people, siccing snarling attack dogs on them and spraying them with high-powered water hoses. they bring out the racist lie that Republicans were the people behind those events. This is far from the truth.

The footage that Democrats play on TV, accusing Republicans of being racist, white supremacists, comes from the actions of one man, Democrat Eugene “Bull” Connor.

New York Daily News article – “They were eight days that tore at America’s conscience.

From May 2 to May 10, 1963, the nation bore witness as police in Birmingham, Ala., aimed high-powered hoses and sicced snarling dogs on black men, women and even children who wanted just one thing — to be treated the same as white Americans.”

“A Southern Democrat who was a staunch proponent of racist social policies, Eugene Connor also became a recurring national convention delegate. He was part of the faction who walked out of the 1948 convention in protest of civil rights platforms, with Connor thus becoming part of the Dixiecrat movement.”

Connor Biography

Conner was such a thug, that “during the 1963 spring campaign to end segregation in the city, hundreds of student protesters were jailed. Connor eventually ordered authorities to besiege peaceful protesters, many of whom were quite young, with water hoses and attack dogs.”

Let that sink in. The footage Democrats are playing on TV were the actions of DEMOCRAT politicians, not Republicans.

WAIT, YOU’RE LYING! Eugene Connor was a Republican!

Nice try.

This article by American Thinker tells the story:


Sorry, But Bull Connor was a Democrat

Democrat racists didn’t convert to Republicans as our Democrat-controlled public school systems teach our children. There was no “switch.” Racist Democrats have always been racist Democrats. The only racist Democrat who became a Republican was Strom Thurmond. The others, including Senator KKK Robert Byrd, remain(ed) racist Democrats.

I pray that truth shines through all of the Democrat propaganda and that good people understand most Republicans are peaceful, kind, patriotic people who want equality and fairness in America. It’s obvious Democrats hate the United States and they are promoting division amongst our people every day.

Biden Blasted for Comparing Trump to Nazi Propagandist Goebbels