Psychotic Democrats

Democrats are turning Americans into terrorists who not only kill other Americans, they laugh and celebrate the murders.

“After the shooting several bystanders who witnessed the ambush filmed themselves laughing and mocking the ambushed deputies.”

What we are experiencing is a combination of a Civil War and a Revolutionary war. Democrats are using the media to make it seem like Republicans are the ones starting this war.

The Democrat-controlled news media and social media warlords work hard every day to make us look bad, shutting us down by lying and telling the public we are racist, white supremacist Nazis.

Democrats also disconnect us from our social media accounts, preventing us from being able to defend ourselves from their slander.

When one of the Democrat terrorists is arrested, he/she is bailed out immediately. Adding insult to injury, the Democrat-controlled money system helps the Democrat terrorist receive millions of dollars, while innocent patriots are disconnected from their GoFundMe accounts after they are illegally arrested by Democrat-controlled police departments.

You’ve probably noticed a pattern. I use the word “Democrat” a lot. Why? Because i believe we need to call them who they are.

It’s time to stop referring to Democrats as liberals, left-wing or the far left. Those words give them a pass.

Democrats understand language all too well, which is exactly why they call President Trump and us, REPUBLICAN voters, racist, white supremacist Nazis. They do it in Congress, they do it from the their talk shows, they do it in the newspapers, the TV shows, the movies, the TV series, social media and magazines.

This may sound strange, but there is a silver lining to their behavior. Because they are so relentless and rabid, Americans are starting to see them for who they are, psychotic DEMOCRATS.

PURE EVIL: Bystanders Laugh, Mock Deputies including 31-Year-Old Mother After They Are Ambushed, Shot in the Head — NO ONE Runs to Help Them