Many, If Not Most City Police Officers Will Let You Die If You Aren’t A Pro-Abortion Democrat

Michelle Malkin held a rally to support the police. Those same POLICE OFFICERS whom she held the “Back the Blue” rally for, REFUSED TO DEFEND HER.

You police officers who obeyed the stand down order are despicable. You don’t deserve the right to wear the badge. You police officers who refuse to do your job, allowing innocent people to be injured or killed while you are watching, you are scum. You are worse than the people committing the crimes because we look to you for safety. Instead you are encouraging criminals to commit criminal acts.

REPUBLICANS, WHERE ARE YOU?! Pass a law that tells police officers if they witness a crime and refuse to help innocent victims, they will be considered criminals and they will go to jail!


I’ve seen this before. Democrats commit crimes and the police refuse to challenge them. Pro-life people legally try to defend the pre-born from murder and police officers swoop in to arrest us. Many city police officers are pro-abortion democrats.

One year, at the March for Life in Washington D.C., a woman who was marching next to me said “I feel so safe with all these police officers on horses protecting us.” I looked at the woman and smiled, saying “they’re not here to protect us, they are here to challenge us, to keep us in line. Remember, the government considers pro-life people terrorists.”

She was shocked, and when she turned to look at the police again, I could tell she looked at them completely differently. I’m quite certain her feeling of safety turned to fear.

Many police officers will let you die if you aren’t on their side.  There is something seriously wrong with America today, and that something is the Democrat party.