All White People Are Not White Supremacists

OK, I’m not going to deny that there are some white supremacists around today. You also can’t deny that in every race three are extremists. One thing is for sure I’m sick and tired of democrats calling all white people, white supremacists!

It’s time for DECENT, normal DEMOCRATS to STEP UP and tell them to stop. It’s time for Republicans to recognize this race sham for what it is, and demand that the DEMOCRATS STOP!

I don’t doubt that Hollywood has been filled with white supremacists in the past, but I seriously doubt the people of today working there are anything like that.

I’m not defending the white supremacists in Hollywood and in the Democrat party, they are the founders of the KKK after all!

If there really were white supremacists in Hollywood today, I seriously doubt there would be so many millionaire black actors and actresses.

I can’t believe I’m coming to the defense of baby-killing democrats in Hollywood.

Sarah Jones, you aren’t having problems with your acting career because of white supremacists. It’s probably because your acting needs work.

Get a life and stop blaming your failure to succeed on white people.