“Largely” Peaceful Protesters Hit By Racist Police Squad Car

A “peaceful” protester, who recorded the evil actions said the “Detroit Police Department vehicle just ran straight through a bunch of our protesters.” 

I wonder why?

Was it because the “largely” peaceful protest wasn’t so peaceful? Maybe because the protesters were actually violent, “climbing onto the hood” and “breaking out the back window” while beating the vehicle?

Somehow, SFGate says the words “largely peaceful” and even Fox News reported on this story with a straight face, making it seem like the innocent “peaceful” protesters were doing nothing wrong.

What would you do? If you drove up to a crowd of ANGRY people who suddenly started climbing on to the front of your vehicle, who started beating your car, who broke out the back window of your car. What would you do.

Would you:

A) Sing Kumbaya?

B) Roll down the windows, asking everyone to pray together?

C) Step on the gas, in fear for your life?

When it’s time for court, most likely the judge and jury will say that the police officers should have tried A and B before resorting to C.

If I saw a bunch of violent protesters in front of me, I’m not sure I would even slow down in the 1st place. I would try to get around them as quickly as possible.

I’m not saying I would run them over, because one of those idiots might get stuck underneath my car and prevent me from moving forward, resulting in the rest of the violent pack to descend on me and kill me!

As a last resort, you can bet I would choose my life before the lives of these violent thugs.