Justin Trudeau Declares “I’ve Got Mine, And I’m Coming For Yours.”

Canadian tyrant Justin Trudeau bans “assault-style weapons.” Of course his security team will be allowed to carry them. Just not citizens who want to defend themselves from criminals or an out-of-control government.


“The Royal Canadian Mounted Police believe the gunman did not have a license to purchase the weapons used in the shootings and were likely obtained illegally.”

Yeah. The guns were purchased illegally. Obviously, this means a shooting like the one he is talking about can happen again. Just because the tyrant Trudeau stopped citizens from defending themselves and having their own guns doesn’t mean criminals will now say “Oh gee, look, Justin Trudeau banned assault style weapons. I guess I can’t buy one from other criminals now!”

Democrats / liberals are tyrants. They believe government knows better than us stupid, uneducated people in the private sector. Conservatives believe in “by the people, for the people.” Democrats / liberals believe “we know what’s best for you. Sit down and shut up.”