Whom Do We Really Blame For The Wuhan Virus?

America, don’t blame Democrats for coronavirus. Don’t blame President Trump or Republicans for coronavirus. Put the blame where it belongs, not the Chinese people, who are also victims. Blame THE CCP, the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY. They are RUTHLESS TYRANTS.

Don’t call it COVID-19, call the virus by the same name that the Chinese people refer to it as, the Wuhan virus.

COVID-19 is an English acronym, thought up by the World Health Organization, an extension of the Chinese Communist party. It stands for Corona Virus Disease 2019. Nobody knows that, and most people around the world don’t say that either.

The Chinese Communist party forced the WHO to come up with that acronym to try to distract the world. They didn’t want people to connect China to the virus. Definitely not to the CCP!

The CCP is the ultimate enemy of all people of the world. They own every country. They literally own the debt of the United States and many other countries.

Almost everything in the world is made in China. It’s time to end that relationship. The Chinese Communist party is made up of evil people, tyrants who brutalize their own people, along with muslims and others. Their crimes against humanity are extensive!

After the CCP infected the world with the Wuhan virus, they stopped shipping masks that we manufactured and paid for to us. They also sent foreign agents to every country around the world to buy up every single mask, every can of sanitizer, every bottle of hand sanitizer and other protective and medical equipment. Then, they sent it all back to China, leaving the rest of the world with NOTHING for us to protect ourselves with.

Again, they seized all of the equipment that we made in our factories inside China and kept it for themselves. This resulted in the death of thousands of people around the world. The CCP members are not only thieves, they are MURDERERS!

It’s time for the Chinese people to overthrow this brutal government. It’s time for the rest of the world, especially the Western world, to stop doing business with the Chinese Communist party.

Whatever you buy, do your best to make sure it doesn’t come from China!