The Chinese Communist Party Are Murderers And Liberals/Democrats Are Their Accomplices

Showing their true colors, liberals/democrats bow to the Chinese Communist Party. The European Union capitulated to the Communist criminals, changing their report to “soften” their stance, allowing the communists to get away with global murder.


We know the Wuhan virus started in Wuhan, China. The CCP (Chinese Communist party) delayed getting the news out to the rest of the world, allowing the epidemic to become a pandemic. That would be bad enough, but that’s not all they did.

The CCP, along with their willing accomplices the liberal/Democrat World Health Organization, delayed getting the news out to the rest of the world by calling it an epidemic for as long as possible. By not designating it a pandemic, the Western world didn’t put into action measures that might have slowed the progress of the virus into their countries.

Then, when interviewed by a Taiwan News station, the WHO avoided acknowledging that Taiwan was an independent nation, even disconnecting the reporter to avoid questions.

At that time people were still calling the virus the Wuhan virus. To this day, even people in China still refer to it as the Wuhan virus. The CCP didn’t like that. The Chinese Communist party then pressured the world health organization to change the name to a Western name, settling with COVID-19, Which stands for Corona Virus Disease 2019.

The next step was to deny any and all connections to the origin of the virus. Even though the lab that was working on Corona viruses was only 200 m away from the market where the virus “originated,” the CCP started a new narrative. They claimed that Italy and/or the United States caused the virus.

The Western World wouldn’t have it. Anger has been growing, and countries and States within the United States have started lawsuits against the Chinese Communist party.

President Donald Trump did the right thing by removing the funding for the world health organization, an entity who has become just a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist party.

It’s time to pull out of China. Cheap deals be damned!

The Chinese Communist party is a violent, brutal entity that could care less about infecting the world and possibly killing millions of people.

Liberals/democrats around the world who capitulate to these thugs should be voted out of office.