Evil Is As Evil Does

At first, the Chinese Communist Party infected the world with a weaponized version of the coronavirus.

Then, after they realized what they had done, they stopped the export of all personal protective equipment, like gloves, gowns, masks and important medical equipment.

Let me make that last point perfectly clear. These weren’t products they owned, these were products paid for and manufactured in American facilities on Chinese soil. In other words, American personal protective equipment and medical equipment that was destined for the rest of the world and the United States was ILLEGALLY seized by the Chinese Communist Party.

No, that’s not all these criminals did.

The Chinese Communist Party then sent their minions all over the world to buy out every store and every medical supply company, sending the personal protective equipment back to China.

This left doctors and nurses in the Western World without the important equipment necessary to protect themselves.

Was that all these Communist dictators did to the world? No.

The next thing the Chinese Communist Party did was truly evil. They knew they manufactured this weaponized virus in Wuhan, China, but they didn’t want the world to understand or know that. Instead of owning up to their mistake, they blamed the virus on the United States.

No, that’s not all. Now these evil leaders are actually pretending to be benevolent, SELLING and/or giving US OUR OWN EQUIPMENT!

It’s time to stop doing business with the Chinese Communist Party. I feel sorry for the Chinese people, but it’s time for them to rise up and get rid of their evil leadership.

Either bring manufacturing back to America or build new facilities in countries that are our allies, not our enemies.