Everyone In Public Should Wear A Mask

They’re finally admitting “it’s possible that aerosolized coronavirus droplets can hang in the air and potentially infect someone who walks by later.”


I can’t believe they took months to come to such an obvious conclusion. Masks anyone? Oh yeah, they said we didn’t need them!!


Taiwan is a good example of the benefit of wearing a mask. They only have approximately 350 cases of Corona virus while almost every major country in the world has thousands.

Everyone wears a mask. It’s beneficial if you’re sick and if you are not sick. If you’re sick, it helps to stop the virus from spreading. If you’re not sick, it helps prevent you from getting infected.

The idiotic argument you will hear in the Western world is that it’s not good to wear a mask because we’re too stupid to know how to wear them properly. Therefore, it’s better to not wear them and risk get infected.

Absolute stupidity!