Have You Thanked a Democrat/Liberal For Getting You Infected Today?

The only countries unaffected by the coronavirus are Russia and the other countries who closed their borders as soon as this began.

Liberals/Democrats refuse to allow border closings, which is why Western nations are being completely overrun with the coronavirus.

After Angela Merkel of Germany refused to close their borders, the German Chancellor famously said “70% of Germany could contract coronavirus.”

It didn’t have to be this way. Western nations didn’t have to get caught up in this pandemic, the 1st of its kind. Thousands of people didn’t have to die. The blood of countless innocent people is on the hands of liberals/Democrats who believe open borders are more important than our health.

They don’t regret it. That’s the thing I wish people would understand. Their goal has been to replace white populations of the world with populations from other countries. They pray to the diversification God, not the God of Abraham.

Democrats/liberals also hate overpopulation and. They believe they have a right to live, everyone else be dammed. Bill Gates, Al Gore and many other famous liberals have expressed their desire to reduce the population of the world. They are cheering the coronavirus.

Remember, this didn’t have to happen. The world health organization could have labeled this virus a pandemic weeks ago. They refused to do so. Because of this, many world leaders, including president Trump, wouldn’t take appropriate action, dealing with coronavirus.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving trump a pass. He should have done his own investigation. He shouldn’t have relied on his surgeon general, who shouldn’t even be in nurse in a high school.

When this virus broke out, President Trump should have been looking at it himself, every day. He should have been able to get in front of the world and speak intelligently.

Unfortunately, to this day, he knows very little about the coronavirus.


We are days away from a complete lockdown. If the governments won’t do it, you will need to do it yourself. Don’t rely on them for your survival.

As we have seen with every country who waited too long, the emergency rooms are quickly overrun with coronavirus patients. When they administer triage, the elderly and patients with pre existing conditions are allowed to die.

Let me say this again. If you aren’t in good health and young, your likelihood of survival is minimal.

People aren’t dying because of the coronavirus, they are dying because there aren’t enough beds, there aren’t enough doctors, there isn’t enough medication and there isn’t enough equipment to keep us alive!

There are plenty of facts to back this up. Italian and Chinese doctors have been warning the rest of the world what is coming.

Unfortunately, Trump and many States and countries are not paying attention. Count on yourself to survive. You will need food and supplies so that you can hunker down until the 1st wave of this is over, hopefully a month or 2 from now.

We are all praying the summer heat will Make the virus disappear for a little while. I’m not counting on it. Again, this is the 1st coronavirus pandemic in history. We know nothing about this.

Good luck, and may God be with you.


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