Real Statistics On Transmission Capabilities Of coronavirus

Dr. Campbell points out the following information:

Distance of transmission is greater then 6 feet in enclosed environments. A person was infected a distance of 4.5 m, 13 FEET on a bus.

I’ve heard the virus is active up to 7 days.

This particular study showed that the virus was active in the air for 30 minutes. A person who was infected got off the bus, and a person who wasn’t infected caught the virus from him 30 minutes later. The person wasn’t infected by touching an infected surface, he was infected just by breathing the same air of the infected person, 30 minutes later.

This study showed the virus can “survive for to 2 to 3 days on glass, fabric, metal, plastic or paper.”

The virus can also “survive up to 5 days in human feces or bodily fluids.