Rodney Reed Is A Rapist/Murderer. Sen Ted Cruz, You’re An Idiot.

SEN. TED CRUZ, sometimes you’re an absolute IDIOT. If you would read the facts behind this case, you would know that this convicted rapist/murderer claimed he was his victim’s boyfriend only after everything else didn’t work. He raped and murdered that woman!

It drives me crazy that people like Senator Cruz are approached by someone who has one side of the story and then they don’t bother to do their own research.

Rodney Reed, a black man, raped and murdered a white woman and is ready to be executed for his crimes.

It’s been 20 years. I don’t want to hear any garbage about “rush to justice.”

Rodney was a hard-core criminal. There’s no doubt he had sex with his victim the night of her death, as his semen was found inside her vagina.

Why are people even thinking that he’s innocent? Because he convinced people like Senator Ted Cruz, those who are missing brain cells that encourage skepticism, that he was the victim’s boyfriend. Also, the fiancee of Stacy Stites, who became a police officer, raped a woman years later. So Rodney is claiming the fiancé murdered Stites because she was having an affair with Rodney.

There is also a claim “a suspected murder weapon has gone untested for DNA.” This is false. Back then, there was no way to test the belt for DNA. Twenty years later you’re not likely to find anything worth testing on the belt.

Another idiotic claim is that “new witnesses have come forward.” Who are these new witnesses? They are friends or relatives of the murderer, people who have been coached to testify that Rodney was the boyfriend of the woman he murdered. This is absolute stupidity!

Why didn’t these people come forward 20 years ago? They were his friends/relatives back then, weren’t they? Don’t tell me they were afraid to support him.

Democrats have released thousands of murderers, rapists, child molesters and violent thugs back into America. At least 60% of them have gone on to commit these crimes again. our daughters, children and wives have been attacked, raped and murdered because Democrats consider the defense of convicted criminals more important than our families.

Remember O.J. Simpson? Everyone knew he murdered his wife, yet Democrats and the black population wanted him to win because he was black, while everyone else wanted him convicted because he was guilty.

Seriously, don’t even try to call me a racist. Plenty of blacks have already said exactly the same thing.

This is another one of those cases.

When Simpson was found not guilty, all over America, blacks cheered for the release of a murderer. Democrats had done such a good job of promoting anti-white racism, blacks in America at the time were only seeing one thing. That a black man was at the mercy of white courts, and he beat them.

Rodney Reed is guilty of rape and murder and he was convicted. Republicans and conservatives should be ashamed of themselves for jumping on the bandwagon to free this brutal man without reading the background information. For Rodney to claim he was the boyfriend of Stacy Stites, who was to be married shortly after the time he murdered her, is absolute insanity!

#AIU Did a powerful video on this which provides all sides of the story. Yes, the guy who did the video is an atheist. So what. The video is powerful.