D Stands For Diversity And Death

America, women CAN NOT be equal or better than men in many jobs or sports.

Women are not suited for combat service, firefighters or police.

In the name of diversity, we lower standards to allow women to participate, putting our lives and theirs at risk.

Put a woman in a MMA cage with a man and she will come out with broken bones and a near-death experience. Even the man who “transitioned” into a female, taking estrogen and pretending to be feminine, almost killed his opponent, an actual woman. The woman said she felt brutally “overpowered.”

I have struggled with many women and I have never felt the strength I felt in a fight like that night. I can’t answer whether it’s because she was born a man or not because I’m not a doctor. I can only say that I have never felt so dominated in my life and that I am an abnormally strong woman in my own right? I still disagree with Fox’s struggle. Any other job or career that I say I try, but when it comes to a combat sport I don’t think it’s fair.

Middleweight Paul Costa had a few choice words to say:

He was born a man, and he is a man, even though he calls himself a transsexual,” Costa said. “It’s absurd cowardice, not only by him but also by the promoters of any event that has accepted this kind of absurdity. He has simply annihilated the girls who have fought against him. They were slaughtered, they put their lives at risk, they put their physical integrity at risk. I don’t want to get into [the personal aspect] of his choice, to be transsexual or not, homosexual or not. What happens here is that a man is fighting against girls, against women, as if he were one. This is absurd, and it can’t be accepted.


The world record for long junp by men is almost 10 m, 30 feet. The world long jump for women is almost 5 m, 15 feet.

Not even close.

A 125 pound woman cannot carry a man out of a firefight. A 125 pound woman cannot carry a person out of a burning building. A 125 pound woman cannot carry 100 pounds of equipment into combat. A 125 pound woman cannot lift hundreds of pounds of fallen debris off of an injured person quickly.

Wranglerstar, a popular YouTuber, posted a video titled “Why I quit the fire Department.” He has a lot to say about how hiring women put everyone’s lives in danger.

Why would we put women into the services as firefighters, police or combat? Isn’t it obvious how they put our lives and theirs at risk?

In the name of diversity, Democrats are willing to risk our lives and yours. Are you?

It’s time to end this farce.