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Democrats Fire the First Shot of the Next Civil War

Democrats fire the first shot of the next Civil War.

They are attempting to blackmail our United States Supreme Court justices to remove the Second Amendment, our final defense from tyrants.

Democrats are threatening to “pack the courts” with liberals.

They Will Come For You Too.

Republican/independent America, wake up!

Democrats will come for you too.

It is not exaggerating to say what they are doing is what the Nazis did. Think about it, Mitch McConnell was booted from Twitter for exposing Democrat death threats against him!

Weapons Of Peace

Democrats, there is one thing in this world I am in agreement with you. Guns can be weapons of war.

Democrats and peace nuts like to call them “assault weapons.”

Here’s the thing, any gun, including a pistol, is an assault weapon. It just depends what you are using it for.

Yes, some people hunt. Others use them for target shooting. Other people rely on them for personal protection and home defense.

None of those are reasons why we have the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment was wisely created so that we Americans could defend themselves from tyrants.

When tyrants are not in charge, 300 millions guns are used for peaceful purposes.

If tyrants take over, 300 million gun barrels will be aimed at them.


Birth Control is Hardly a Triumph

Birth control is hardly a “triumph” for women or men. Women have used bc to become as promiscuous as the most proliferate man, minus the babies. The results include STDs, almost zero human expansion in western nations & a “modern” culture where women put off child bearing until years later, at which point they “hit the wall” & become less desirable to men.

Also, women are now so “empowered,” it has added to them becoming less desirable, causing men to form the MGTOW movement, men going their own way.

Many men today recognize the modern woman, and they avoid her like the plague. Men are not interested in having a woman take their salary forever through alimony, and they are well aware of the baby “trap” that some women spring on them, only pretending to take birth control until they become pregnant.

Then they divorce the man, adding child support to the menu of benefits they will sue him for.

Women who are more normal are tainted by the #MeToo movement. Men look at them with fear, knowing any date can result in them winding up in handcuffs, branded for life as a rapist.

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