Democrats Claim To Hate Guns, They Don’t

If Republicans lose, without Democrats obviously cheating, they accept the loss, bow down gracefully and try to do better to win next time.

When Democrats lose, they ALMOST ALWAYS accuse Republicans of cheating, start investigations using taxpayer money, and whine incessantly.

After Democrats have succeeded in filling America with Democrat-voting Latinos, sometime in the next 10 years, Democrats will change all the laws of America to what they want them to be. Then, they will stick guns into the faces of anyone who disagrees with them, demanding obedience.

Democrats feign ignorance, but they know darn well what the Second Amendment is for. The Second Amendment is not for “protection.” It is to make sure the government doesn’t change from “by the people, for the people,” to “we will tell you what’s good for you, and you will obey, or else!”

Democrats claim to hate guns. They don’t. They only hate guns that are in the hands of people who disagree with them.