Democrats Unjustifiably Frightened Of A Republican Supreme Court

Why are DEMOCRATS so upset about a Republican-leaning Supreme Court? Because in 1973, they ILLEGALLY MANIPULATED AMERICAN LAW, using the Supreme Court to decriminalize baby killing, abortion.

The crazy thing is,they obviously aren’t paying attention, because Republicans aren’t trying to end abortion. They controlled government during the Bush administration yet didn’t try once to do it. Now, Republicans have controlled government again for two years, and again, not one effort to end abortion.

To add insult to injury, having an all Republican Supreme Court is probably just as bad for the pro-life movement. A conservative judge will do everything possible to defend existing constitutional law. That means, if a challenge to Roe v Wade comes in, a conservative judge will ask the question “is it constitutional?” If the challenge violates Roe v Wade, it will be thrown out, because currently, child killing in America is 100% decriminalized.

The sad truth is that a conservative judge won’t look at the decriminalization of abortion as an illegal act that never should have taken place, he will look at it as an existing law that must be defended at all costs.

So, we don’t just have a problem with federal Republicans who refuse to end abortion, we have a problem with a Republican-leaning Supreme Court who will do everything possible to defend it!

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