“What Pisses Me Off About The Serena Williams Outburst”

Currently, Serena Williams is an embarrassment to sportsmanship. She’s a sore loser, and she should apologize to Naomi Osaka who played the better match.

And Billie Jean King, you shouldn’t get hysterical because you don’t like the rules. If you’re going to play the game, you have to obey the rules. That’s just the way it is. Not sure why you want to give Serena Williams a pass when you played honest games for many years and won because of your skill, not because of how well you could cheat.

Serena Williams’ coach admitted he cheated. You know he admitted he cheated. Why should Serena get a pass?
Serena is acting like a spoiled, entitlement queen. She’s been losing a lot of games, and she wants to blame it on everyone else but herself.

Billie Jean King, shame on you for not supporting the better tennis player, Naomi Osaka. And shame on the rude fans who booed Naomi after she won. Just another bunch of liberal, spoiled, entitlement losers.

In the following video, at 5:03 the sports commentator says “Serena was watching Her coach give her hand signals.”

So while Serena Williams was acting all indignant, denying admitted wrongdoing, it’s obvious she was cheating!

When Serena smashed her racket on the ground that was another violation. Finally, accusing the judge of being a liar and a thief, another violation.

I ask everyone who supports Serena on this, why should she get a pass, because she’s a woman? Think about it, she’s accusing the world of attacking her because she’s a woman, yet those were all clear violations of the rules. Again, why should she get a pass?

For everyone who says the judge “wouldn’t do it to a man,” you’re wrong. He has penalized men for the same infractions.

USA today says:

“Blatant sexism cost Serena Williams tennis title. Men are celebrated for much worse.”

Really? The fact that Naomi Osaka totally slaughtered Serena Williams on the court had nothing to do with her winning? It was only because the judge gave away one point and one game? Are you serious?!

This is the typical Democrat one-way street. Democrats can do what they want and say what they want, and whenever they’re called out, they scream “racism!, prejudice!, misogyny!, sexism!, hate! And so on.

Nowhere is this more true than it is with black Democrats. Roseanne Barr made a joke about Valerie Jarrett, and the next thing you know, they portray Roseanne as the head of the KKK.

On the other hand, a white Democrat will call a black conservative the N-word, “uncle Tom,” or whatever else is blatantly hate speech and racism, and the Democrat party circles the wagons and says, “well he is, so it’s not racism, it’s fact! ”

Serena Williams is a rude, spoiled brat and has no sense of decency. They should ban her from setting foot inside a court. Instead, since she is a black Democrat, all of the Democrat media will support her and demand that the rules be changed to accommodate Queen Williams.

In interviews after the game, Serena acts like she’s standing up against “the man.” No, not just “the man,” “the white man.”

The next video has a good rant about the whole situation.