The CO2 Myth Grows New Wings

As CO2 levels supposedly climb higher in the 400s, Democrats and liberals around the world are pressing the alarm button, AGAIN! In their latest desperate round of “the sky is falling.”

These Chicken Little individuals and politicians run around in circles proclaiming the end of life on earth, yet they were only hit on the head with an acorn, one that they threw in the air.

With headlines like “The End of the Line – A Climate in Crisis,” you might think wow, it’s time to panic!

In his article, Robert Hunziker says:

“The world of academia is starting to pick up on the concept that humanity is unknowingly cruising on a train ride to doomsday, a surefire encounter with collapse of society based upon climate crises brought on by exponential climate change. The depth of the problem: It’s inevitable and inescapable.”

Through the rest of this article, he provides us with much more opinion with zero facts supporting it.

Come on, if you’re going to run around screaming “the sky is falling” shouldn’t you have facts supporting that statement? Let’s look at a “US report” story by Agence France-Presse

“Greenhouse gases surge to new highs worldwide in 2017:
Planet-warming greenhouse gases surged to new highs as abnormally hot temperatures swept the globe and ice melted at record levels in the Arctic last year due to climate change, a major US report said Wednesday.

The annual State of the Climate Report, compiled by more than 450 scientists from over 60 countries, describes worsening climate conditions worldwide in 2017, the same year that US President Donald Trump pulled out of the landmark Paris climate deal.

The United States is the world’s second leading polluter after China, but has rolled back environmental safeguards under Trump, who has declared climate change a “Chinese hoax” and exited the Paris deal signed by more than 190 nations as a path toward curbing harmful emissions.

Evil Donald Trump is contradicting a “climate report compiled by more than 450 scientists from over 60 countries.

Oh no! What a mean man!

After all, as you can see from the picture of the poor polar bear at the top of this article, if we don’t stop global warming, it’s the end of the world as we know it. The ice might melt, and we will all fall in the water!

Wait, what did that say?

ice melted at record levels in the Arctic last year

Could that be? While they were putting together their famous report, didn’t these so-called “scientists” have access to climate and snow data from places like Greenland and the Arctic?

This graphic from last year clearly shows snow was already building at unprecedented levels.

Now that it’s 2018, the chart is more complete as follows:

Typically, around 500 Gt of snow builds up in Greenland every year. That’s gigatons! And typically, almost all of it melts every year. That’s known as a cycle. Something scientists seem to struggle to understand.

You can see in the second chart that unlike previous years, not only is the snow not melting in summer, it built up to over 600 Gt!

So, who is lying and who is telling the truth? The charts come from the Danish Meteorological Institute. Hardly a “right-wing” institution. they are much more likely to fabricate left-wing propaganda then support actual facts.

Which means, of course, as usual, Democrats and liberals are lying.

The article continues with:

The annual global average carbon dioxide concentration at the Earth’s surface climbed to 405 parts per million, “the highest in the modern atmospheric measurement record and in ice core records dating back as far as 800,000 years,” said the report.

Amazing! Over 400 parts per million!? The highest ever? No, wait. It’s the:

“highest in modern atmospheric measurement record and in ice core records dating back as far as 800,000 years.”

Guess what, they are lying again.

As you can see from this chart, which comes from ice cores that show us levels as far back as 600 million years ago, CO2 levels were as high as 7000 ppm. Let’s see, which is higher… 400 ppm or 7000 ppm?

And when was that? Almost 550 million years ago. I don’t think there were too many humans with pollution burning factories and cars back then.

Like I said, as usual, #CrookedDemocrats and liberals are lying. The truth is, 400 ppm is barely enough carbon dioxide for plants to grow.

The headline by Pierre L. Gosselin From the “New Tricks Zone” reads:

“Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations At 400 PPM Are Still Dangerously Low For Life On Earth”

Gosselin states:

With atmospheric CO2 concentrations reaching the 400 ppm level, the media and a number of alarmist scientists have set off the mega-alarm bells, claiming “record high levels” of CO2 had been reached, and that the planet is on the verge of an overdose. This is based purely on ignorance of the Earth’s history.

“Worrying that 400 ppm is too high is like worrying about your fuel tank overflowing when it reaches the 1/8 mark during filling.

For life to have real buffer against mass extinction, CO2 needs to be closer to 1000 ppm.”

He continues:

That 400 ppm is actually dangerously low is a fact the alarmists keep avoiding and suppressing. Below 150 ppm, plant-life dies off on a massive scale. The Earth actually came very close to that point many times over the last 2 million years during the ice ages. At the bottom of the last ice age just 20,000 years ago, life on the planet literally teetered on the brink when CO2 fell to a level of just 180 ppm. Do we really want to live on the brink of extinction?

Watch this quick video on plant growth change with various CO2 levels. You tell me, which is healthier for plants, more or less CO2?

The main point is, while Democrats and liberals scream the sky is falling, the truth is, CO2 levels naturally change, and more CO2 doesn’t mean the end of the earth.

There are more facts available showing we are heading into a cooling phase. I believe we’re heading into another Ice Age. The following is my interview with John Casey, a former NASA scientist and presidential adviser. If you really want to know what’s going on, please watch this video, and decide for yourself.

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