Floods, Drought, Cold = No Food

It’s not just South Africa & Ancient Kalahari, there are places all over the world where people have never experienced the extreme cold and snow that we are experiencing.

The coming Ice Age will shock many people. Also, many will die due to lack of food. As billions of people die from starvation around the world, we should remember this didn’t have to happen.

Democrats and liberals are personally responsible for these many deaths because they ignored global cooling, the real “Climate Change,” focusing instead on CO2, otherwise known as PLANT FOOD.

Instead of preparing for the coming Ice Age, Democrats coerced international leadership into following their global warming model, which is based on myth and hatred of modern society.

They never have to worry though. Republicans are ineffective and incapable of exposing the incompetence and criminal nature of Democrats and liberals.

Democrats have already begun their pivot. They have started blaming the coming Ice Age on CO2. First they blamed Climate Change / global warming on CO2, now they’re blaming global cooling on CO2.

You can never be wrong if you are always right.

With the criminal media around the world supporting them, Democrats/liberals can say whatever they want and never get caught.


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