Baby Killers Claim “God Is On Our Side”

Maxine Waters, one of the most vile people on this planet claims “God is on our side.”

The Democrat Party is responsible for over 65 million murdered people in the United States of America, and yet she claims God is with them.

The Democrat party is responsible for hundreds of thousands of people killed by illegal aliens and millions of people raped and attacked, and she claims “God is on our side.”

The federal Republican Party is the saddest excuse for an opposition party there ever has been. You wouldn’t even know they were the opposition party.

Republicans push harder to pass laws supporting Democrats then to end abortion and stand for morals and values.

People like Paul Ryan who push for mass amnesty of the foreign invaders care more about scratching the backs of the businessmen who pay them off.

These businessmen, hardly a patriot among them, seek to enrich themselves with cheap labor.

And where are the American people? Abortion/baby killing continues to this day, taking the lives of almost 1 million innocent babies every year. Where are the American people?

I know the media works hard to keep people in the dark, but you can only pretend ignorance for so long. Abortion has been around for 45 years, and has claimed the lives of over 65 million people in the United States of America.

Every day that goes by, I just can’t understand why people aren’t demanding an end to baby killing.

I can tell you one thing one hundred percent for sure, God is not on the side of the baby killers. I wouldn’t say he’s on the side of the Republican Party either.

Republicans cozy up to the churches and pro-life people every election cycle, just to turn away from us as soon as they get elected again.

Federal Republicans do absolutely nothing to end abortion. They should be ashamed of themselves.