It’s Time To Arrest Criminal Democrats

For the 100th time, arrest the Democrats who blatantly commit immigration crimes!

I’m sick and tired of the Republican Party enabling these criminals! As long as Democrats are allowed to behave like criminals, law and order will be absent in America.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) claims:

she has “been horrified” over the Trump administration’s policy separating immigrant families at the border and that Atlanta’s agreement to house ICE detainees in its city jail has “compounded” her “personal angst.

Really? So when Obama did it, that was okay? He did the same thing during his admiration, yet the disingenuous, baby-killing Democrats didn’t care one bit.

Again, I’m tired of the Republican Party enabling criminal Democrats. By allowing Democrats to continue committing crimes, the Republican party is also guilty. If you watch someone commit a crime, and do nothing to stop them, you are also guilty of a crime.

Americans are being molested, raped and murdered, yet Democrats and establishment Republicans circle the wagons around the illegal alien criminals.

Over THREE THOUSAND PEOPLE MURDERED BY ILLEGAL ALIENS IN AMERICA EVERY YEAR. Local and federal prisons are filled to overflow with illegal alien criminals.

Seriously, I ask the Republican Party, at least those with a shred of decency & honor left in them, when will you start arresting the criminal Democrats and Republicans who are complicit in these MANY crimes against citizens of America?

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