To be, or not to be?

That is the question. The answer?

Coerced and brainwashed by Democrats / liberals, human beings have decided there are more important things to do than have children.

The result?

The United States has joined other developed countries in a mad dash toward extinction.

A society needs to have a birth rate of least 2.1 births per female to maintain its existence.

America had 1.7 births per female in 2017 – a “3 percent drop from 2016.”

“America’s population growth will increasingly depend on immigrants, after decades in which the U.S. enjoyed a relatively high fertility rate when compared to other developed countries.”

Yes, you read that right. To continue existing, America has to fill itself with “immigrants,” people who don’t share the values and/or religion of the United States.

This is exactly what’s happening to the European countries. Their replacement rates are much more abysmal than ours, so their way of life will go extinct sooner than ours.

At, Ronald Baily’s headline is:

“Hooray! US fertility rate falls to 40 year low”

Exercising reproductive freedom is a good thing.

It’s fascinating how Democrats/liberals successfully twist words.

“Reproductive freedom” sounds so wonderful!

Slaughtering innocent babies in the womb, not so much.

Why would anyone support the extinction of the human race? There are lots of pro-Gaia people who believe the earth is a living entity that needs to be protected from disgusting, destructive human beings, Who don’t deserve the wonderful resources of the planet.

We’re not just talking about a few kooks. There are many of them, and they control positions of power that can affect the survival of the human race on this planet. What they call “reproductive freedom” I call human genocide.

Anti-human policies have resulted in 43 million abortions per year around the world. That’s 43 million human beings slaughtered in a location one would assume is the safest place in the world for a baby, her mother’s womb.

Not so.

If we were to factor in the number of humans who are killed by other birth-control methods every year, such as Plan B, there could be an additional 10 to 20 million humans who never see the light of day.

Democrats/liberals actually celebrate the death of mankind. I can see them now, putting candles on a cake and presenting it to Mother Earth for her to blow them out, symbolizing her survival from the selfish destruction of Earth’s resources by human beings.

The dominating culture/religion on earth will likely be Islam. Muslims strictly forbid abortion, and women in Islamic countries are basically slaves to the men. They are forced to be baby factories for the Islamic empire.

Muslims around the world openly proclaim how they will outbreed the infidels. There are many videos of Muslims marching in the streets of Western nations, proclaiming the eventual annihilation of the Western world by the Muslim people.

I often talk about the willfully ignorant people of the world who will allow themselves to be enslaved. Every western country allowed their population to be overrun by “immigrants” who demand the replacement of the western leadership.

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