Establishment Republicans enjoy cheap labor while giving votes to the Democrats. The Koch brother weasels are responsible for the Republican Party moving hard to the left, giving money to politicians who obey them.

John Binder from Breitbart says:

In their latest effort to pass amnesty for the majority of illegal aliens living in the United States, the pro-mass immigration GOP megadonor billionaire Koch brothers are throwing their support behind Democrats ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

These men, who claim to be members of the Republican Party, use their money to elect anti-American Democrats and anti-American Republicans. People who are:

– pro-abortion – a brutal procedure which has been used to kill over 60 million humans in America since 1973.
– anti-Second Amendment- Democrats are pushing hard to not only get rid of the second amendment, but to confiscate guns from every American in this country. Dozens of Americans have already been killed in pursuit of this goal.
– pro-socialist/communist – Bernie Sanders isn’t the only one in the bunch, Democrats would love to turn this country into some kind of dictatorship, as long as they are the dictators, of course.
– Anti-Christian – You can see it in their TV shows and movies. Their hatred for Christianity is obvious. You can also see it in the schools, where children are banned from prayer and holding religious meetings. You can also see it in sports, where coaches are fired for encouraging prayer. You can also see it in the military, where priests have to be “inclusive,” and allow the church of Satan to speak to our soldiers.

Anti-American, establishment Republican and Democrats put laws into place in the 60s which opened the door to unlimited immigration. Because of those laws, the Latino Democrat voting Latino population of America exploded they were only 4% of the population 60 years ago, today, anti-conservative, anti-American Latinos are close to 25% of the population of the United States.

I realize not every single Latino is anti-American. That doesn’t matter. There is a majority percentage of them who are, and they vote for anti-American politicians, like Democrats and establishment Republicans.

Because of the Koch brothers, in less than one generation this country will be on a fast track to socialism/communism.

Democrats dominate every area of influence in America. It’s almost impossible to find real news, and many Americans don’t even bother trying.

This isn’t the first time the Koch brothers have put their money into anti-American politicians, and it won’t be the last.

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