Video – The Western World Signs a Murder/Suicide Pact

This video is improperly titled “The Suicide of Europe.” It should really be called ” European citizens murdered by progressives.”

While Judeo-Christian people have lost their will to live, Islamic people poor into their countries proclaiming “we will take you over.” since they have children at a rate three times higher than the Western world, that statement is very likely true.

As a matter of fact, while citizens willfully remain ignorant, America too has joined with this murder/suicide pact. In the 60s, America’s population was 4% Latino. Today it is at least 20% Latino.

There is nothing wrong with Mexican people . The problem is they don’t care about or understand American values. They are running away from their own country because it is a hellhole, which is exactly what they’re turning America into.

Currently, over 3000 people are murdered in the United States by illegal aliens every year. Those are just the ones we know of. I can’t imagine what the true number really is.

Latinos are replacing representatives of America With “progressives,” people who hate patriotism, people who don’t believe America is a great country.

Progressives don’t believe in freedom of speech. They only believe in their freedom. Anyone who says anything they disagree with Is branded a hater who only had has “hate speech.”

Democrats/progressives own all the social media, and they are shutting down conservative thought. The thought police justify what they do, and they don’t think twice about removing people with whom they disagree. Their mantra is “I’m right, you’re stupid,” and stupid people shouldn’t be seen or heard.