(D) = Death (L) = Lying Cecile Richards


Seriously Cecile the Baby-Killer, DEMOCRATS, the party of abortion, ARE the only ones “WILLING” AND EAGER TO KILL BABIES to win.

And what about molesting women? You don’t hear a lot of accusations against Republicans during this time of #MeToo, do you? That’s because most of the men being arrested for this horrible behavior are Democrats.

Bill Cosby wasn’t the only Predator. The Democrat media turned their backs as Bill Clinton made a career of molesting probably over 100 women. He raped, abused and manipulated them during his reign of terror.

Hillary Rotten Clinton sat back and watched it happen. Her ambition for power was more important than defending the poor defenseless women who were caught in Bill Clinton’s web. If women tried to speak out, Hillary threatened them. Again, the media was silent.

When Monica Lewinsky stepped forward to expose Bill the predator, the media called her a tramp and a liar. When she produced “The Smoking Gun,” the famous blue dress, only then did people believe her.

Until the evidence came forward, the media helped protect Bill the predator when he made absurd comments like “it depends what the meaning of is, is.”

After he was (figuratively) exposed, did Bill the predator resign in shame? No. Did Congress throw him out of office? No. Did the American people charge the White House and demand his resignation? No.

Bill the predator acted like it was no big deal and continued his administration.

You need to understand something. Bill the predator was commander-in-chief of the United States armed services. The number one man in charge of all of our military. If any military leader would have been caught doing what he did, that person would have been forcibly removed from his position. Most likely, he would do the right thing and resign in shame.

Cecile the baby-killer has the gall to accuse conservatives of being more willing to “lie, cheat, steal, deceive and break the law than progressives.” That obnoxious, idiotic and unfounded statement is unbelievable!

Conservatives believe in Jesus Christ. No, let me rephrase that, conservatives know Jesus Christ. We know he died for our sins and we understand the meaning of his first command to us, “repent!”

For you Democrats out there who are either nonbelievers or pretend Christians, repent is a powerful word. It means what you have done before, you shall no longer do. Before you gave your life to God, if you did “lie, cheat, steal, deceive and break the law,” you certainly would not do it anymore after you have given your life to God.

I’ve seen the way Democrats look at the Bible. I’ve seen the new age “Christianity.” Many Democrats and New Age so-called Christian believers have a completely different outlook on what it means to be Christian. They believe the teachings of the Bible are either optional or open for interpretation. Kind of like the Constitution of United States. To them, the Bible is a “living, breathing document.”

Democrat Christians ignore things like homosexuality and sex outside of marriage. As for “thou shall not kill,” obviously, this only holds true for brutal, murdering thugs, not abortion, baby killing.

Democrats, you are the party of death. You are responsible for over 60 million people killed in America since 1973. Abortion is your legacy. Own it.

Planned Parenthood is one of the largest for-profit organizations in the world, yet Cecile Richards and her ilk continue to lie, claiming they are a nonprofit. They soak American taxpayers for $550 million every single year. Lucky for them, this massive theft of property can only help with the assistance of Republicans. They frequently have had the opportunity to end Planned Parenthood’s reign of terror, yet they refuse to do it. I will leave that topic for another day.

Cecile Richards also lies about the “fake media” coming after them. Democrats own 95% of all the media in the United States, and the other 5% aren’t exactly raging conservative. It has been recently shown that over 90% of stories about Trump in the media are negative. That doesn’t sound like conservative news to me. That sounds like real FAKE NEWS.

I can’t claim all Republicans don’t lie cheat and steal. I can say most Republicans oppose abortion, while Democrats, the party of death, embrace it.

As for the “undercover videos,” Cecile Richards hates them because they expose the lies that she and Planned Parenthood have been telling for years.

The videos show how she and Planned Parenthood are willing and eager to sell baby body parts, and kill black babies.

I’m stunned a woman like Cecile Richards would pretend she doesn’t commit crimes. If the police looked at her for five minutes, she would probably go to jail for life. As for Planned Parenthood, and organization responsible for millions of murders, law-enforcement should be embarrassed and ashamed for turning a blind eye to that criminal organization.

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