Largest Temperature Drop In A Century

James Delingpole writes:

Our planet has just experienced the most extreme two-year cooling event in a century. But where have you seen this reported anywhere in the mainstream media?

Since the 90s, Democrats have been profiting on global warming/climate change. Now that it’s obvious we’re heading into another Ice Age, you can bet they will switch their language from global warming to global cooling, and they will claim global warming caused it.

Citizens of the earth have no idea what an Ice Age is like. On average, most people won’t even really understand the implications if they just watch the weather. Yes, there will be more snow and there will be more cold, but that’s not the worst of it. There will be no food.

The circled areas show where there will be low crop yields this year because of weather conditions. Types of conditions that can affect crops are cold, flood and drought. During a Grand Solar Minimum, or during ice ages all of these factors come to play.

James continues:

“To put this temperature drop in context, consider that this is enough to offset by more than half the entirety of the global warming the planet has experienced since the end of the 19th century.”

It’s not just America, countries all over the world are being affected. And it will get worse every year.

China knows very well how this affects their government. Every time there has been a grand solar minimum, dynasties have been overthrown because of starving people.

Liberals and Democrats have manipulated people around the world for so many years, everyone’s going to be caught by surprise. Millions will die. Democrats should be hung for their criminal actions, but they control the media. Instead of paying for their crimes, the media will make them out to be heroes and they will give each other awards.

It’s only recently in life that I realized how ineffective, unscrupulous, and complicit Republicans have been with Democrat criminal activity.

– America was cursed with Roe vs Wade in 1973, yet federal Republicans do nothing to stop abortion.

– Republicans joined Democrats in passing immigration laws in the 60s, which packed America with legal and illegal aliens, over 60 million of them, most of whom vote Democrat.

– Since the 90s, Democrats poured billions of taxpayer dollars into their pockets as they cry about fictitious global warming. “CO2 equals temperature increase” is probably the biggest ruse in the history of the world. Republicans do little to stop them.

– Planned Parenthood shoves over $500 million taxpayer $ a year into their baby-killing pockets, Republicans do nothing to stop them. As a matter of fact, George W. Bush gave them a raise!

– By now, federal Republicans are well aware that this world is not getting warmer. Most of them probably know about the coming ice age.

Don’t trust politicians to save your lives. Trust yourself. Here are some things you can do:

– Buy gold and silver
– Buy crypto currencies
– Have at least a three month supply of emergency food and water
– Learn how to defend yourself and your family
– Talk to people about having backup locations in case things get out of control, places you can fall back to
– Start growing fruits and vegetables
– Pay attention

Watch my interview with John Casey, former NASA scientist and former presidential advisor.

And my interview with Ben Davidson.


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