America Sold-Out By Unscrupulous Republicans

Anti-American traitors like the Koch brothers have been using us for their personal gain for too long.

Unscrupulous, establishment Republicans, financed by those weasels, have packed America with 1/5th of the population of Mexico for their cheap labor.

The pro-mass immigration GOP megadonor billionaire Koch brothers are threatening Republicans running midterm campaigns, saying they want to see an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens passed or they will ‘closely evaluate’ their aiding and funding of certain candidates.

Traitors like them are a major reason why America hasn’t had a conservative president for an entire generation of Americans. Also, their control over federal Republicans has resulted in years of liberal policies.

Think about it. Republicans have held power many times since 1973, yet not once have they done anything to end abortion. With all the Republican presidents since then, and with all of the control over government since then, I repeat, nothing has been done to end abortion.

And as far as turning America into MexAmerica, Republicans are just as guilty of that as the Democrats.

They could’ve built the wall, they didn’t. They could’ve stopped illegal immigration, they didn’t. They could’ve kicked out the illegals, they didn’t.

As a matter of fact, Ronald Reagan, a so-called “Republican” gave millions of illegals American citizenship, which resulted in many millions more of them through chain migration.

Whenever a pro-life Republican gets too outspoken about ending abortion, the Republican Party makes sure they either don’t get elected or they don’t get reelected.

Though it’s not as bad at the state level as it is with our federal representatives, anti-American traitors like the Koch brothers still have a significant influence on state elections.

Pro-lifers have been manipulated and used for too long. I remember a Virginia Republican representative was caught on hot mic 15 years ago, saying “we never want to give them (pro-lifers) what they want. If we end abortion, we could lose that voting bloc.”

For too long, there have been too many elections where we held our noses and voted for representatives just because there’s nobody better. We need to demand more from Republican politicians who won our votes, and if they don’t give us what we want, we should replace them!

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