Democrats Cherry Pick Data While Profiting Billions

I get it, we’re all bored of “global warming” and just want to forget about it. Please take a few minutes to read this article. I promise you will look at things in a different light.

If people knew how much money Democrats have stolen from the United States treasury to pursue their myth of global warming, I believe a lot of Democrats would be spending more time behind bars than walking the streets.

If you watch this NASA video Where they follow CO2 levels, the argument might swing in their direction. You might want to arrest anyone who is a “denier.”

The problem with the video is NASA is run by global warming Democrats who cherry picked the data, by showing us 800,000 years of CO2 levels.

Here’s a graphic from another NASA page called “Global Climate Change” that dramatically shows CO2 levels rising over the last 400,000 years.

Impressive, yes? The title of the article is “The relentless rise of carbon dioxide.”

The article ventures into hundreds of science babble words, where they could, let’s face it, tell you “when a monkey farts, temperatures rise.”

If you said to them THAT’S PREPOSTEROUS , they would just say “I have a degree in climate science, where is yours?”

What happens if we go out of their comfort zone? Let’s take it back before 400,000 years and let’s go back before 800,000 years.

Why don’t NASA or NOAA use this chart? The one that shows CO2 levels are at their lowest in millions of years? TWENTY TIMES lower!

In an article by Anthony Watts, Anthony states:

Oxygen is the most abundant, 21% by volume, but without carbon dioxide, which is currently only about 0.04 percent (400ppm) by volume, both the oxygen itself, and most living organisms on earth could not exist at all.

You wouldn’t know this if you just read Democrat material. According to Democrats, who control NASA and NOAA, when CO2 levels go up, the temperature goes up, ice melts and water levels rise.

Another interesting fact, if you look in the history of CO2 and temperature, temperature leads CO2, it doesn’t follow.

Here’s the thing. Ocean levels have only been going up a couple centimeters per year , which wouldn’t be noticeable for hundreds of years.

The most important question I could ask you is “which would you rather have, global warming or global cooling?”

If the world gets warmer, yeah, some areas would become unbearable, and some people would probably move. On the positive side, with warmer weather we would be able to grow a lot of food and support a lot of people.

Obviously, during the last 20+ years since this “global warming/climate change” phase started, America has experienced less hurricanes and less tornadoes. So the threat of killer weather that Al Gore and the Democrats threw at us in the 90s didn’t materialize.

Instead, there are more clouds around the world, the globe is cooler and it’s raining and snowing more than ever before!

If we go into a mini Ice Age or a full Ice Age, put simply, we are screwed. If we look at where global food production happens, it is right in the areas that get overwhelmed by severe cold and rain. Adding to the lack of food will be the extreme cold, which will strain our energy capabilities to their limits.

No matter which way things turn, Democrats will always claim they are right. That’s why they switched from global warming to “climate change.” No matter which direction temperatures and weather are heading, they can always say “WE WERE RIGHT! TOLD YOU SO!

I just can’t believe Republicans aren’t smart enough to see through this. I can’t believe that these shysters at NASA and NOAA continue to rob America of billions of dollars while promoting their nonsense.

One reason it’s so tough to challenge them on anything, Democrats created the SHUT YOUR MOUTH 501(c)(3) bribe. Under this policy, any nonprofit organization who doesn’t pay taxes is not allowed to speak about partisan politics.

Why didn’t this make everyone in the country perk up with curiosity?!

Whether it’s abortion, the weather, the government, patriotism or any other topic, if you’re a 501(c)(3), shut up or be shut down by the Democrats.

Democrats were the ones who set it up and Democrats are the ones who control it. They make sure that the people who are silenced the most are conservatives and Republicans.

If that weren’t bad enough, Democrats control:

– 95% of the media in the United States

– public schools
– unions

– colleges

– the legal system

– social media

– Google

And more. If people don’t rise up against Democrats soon, we will wander very quickly from a republic into a tyranny.

Democrats have already successfully shut down free speech in many areas by labeling it “hate speech.” The First Amendment used to protect us, but not anymore. Since Democrats control the search engines, social media and the rest of the news and entertainment media, if anyone says something they disagree with, they can delete the users account, they can ban the user, and they can make sure the person is never seen or heard in a public space.

Even in the public streets, it doesn’t matter what you can say on a sidewalk if Democrats don’t allow the world to hear it.

Meanwhile, Democrats can say whatever they want, whenever they want. Since they control NASA and NOAA, they can also milk us for BILLIONS of dollars from now until the end of time.

I used to wonder, since Republicans have held the office of president a number of times over the last 40 years, and they have controlled Congress a number of times over the last 40 years, why have they allowed this to happen?

Unfortunately, many Republicans aren’t Republicans. As you know, We refer to them as RINOs, Republican in name only. When it’s time to place a critical vote, too often they side with Democrats.

Worse yet, there’s no such thing as a DINO. There are no Democrats who are posing as Republicans. In critical votes, Democrats always vote Democratic.

This brings us to the most important point of this article. We need to vote in every election, and we must hold them responsible!

If we only go into the voting booth during presidential elections and press the (R) button, just to walk away for another four years, we can expect more of the same.

We know what we stand for. Conservative Americans believe in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. We believe abortion is murder and that innocent people need to be defended.

Republican presidents over the last 40 years have not represented conservative America. They have represented independents and Democrats.

The Bush family, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump have done nothing to end abortion. They talk the talk but they don’t walk the walk. Passing small bills here and there doesn’t count. Approximately 1 million people are killed by abortion in America every single year.

Our founding fathers created a republic, not a democracy. In a democracy, not only can you vote yourself a pay raise, you can ask everyone to raise their hands for whatever they want, and if the majority supports it, the majority wins.

In other words, one hundred million people can vote that everyone who has down syndrome should be killed in the womb. A republic should stand up and defend the “least of these.”

Unfortunately, since America is behaving more like a democracy then a republic right now, approximately 90% of down syndrome babies are killed in the womb.

Doctors perform a test, which is not 100% accurate, and if the “markers” are there, These so-called doctors, who violate the Hippocratic oath, push the mothers and fathers to kill their children.

If we look at the testing for down syndrome up to now, many thousands of mothers were told their babies had down syndrome in the womb, and they were encouraged to have abortions. They didn’t, and their children didn’t have down syndrome. Even the newer down syndrome test isn’t 100% accurate.

The first trimester combined test, however, only correctly identified 30 out of 38 cases.

30%. The first trimester test incorrectly identified 30% of the cases. Somehow they think this is a success story.

Think of how many children without down syndrome have been killed in the womb because of a faulty test? How many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of children around the world were killed in the womb by abortion, only because a test showed they might have down syndrome?

Citizens of our Republic should vote for representatives who defend all people, not just the ones who can press a voting button.

Our representatives should defend children born and pre-born.

Our representatives should defend mentally ill people.

Our representatives should defend people in a coma.

Our representatives should stand up for every American citizen.

This doesn’t happen in a democracy, where people who can’t vote are easily shoved aside because the representative knows he/she doesn’t have to do anything to get that person’s vote.

President Trump says he is opposed to abortion and has made many comments about it being a horrible practice that kills human lives, yet he won’t even come to the March for Life to speak. Trump, like every Republican president before him, cowered from the event. The most he could bring himself to do was send Vice President Pence, while he hid at the White House giving a speech by satellite.

Think about that. President Trump was a few blocks away from one of the biggest annual events in the world to defend the pre-born. He could’ve walked there in five minutes, yet the most he would do is broadcast to pro-life America from the White House lawn.


I’m proud to say I voted for President Trump. I’m proud to say I supported a person who believes abortion is murder and someone who believes America is a great country, as opposed to Hillary Clinton, a person who believes killing babies is a human right and a person who hates America as she stands.

It doesn’t end there. I voted for him and I need to hold him accountable!

Again, We need to vote in every election, and we must hold them responsible!

President Trump, you promised to “build the wall.” Build it!

President Trump, you promised to “drain the swamp. Drain it!”

President Trump, you promised to “lock her up.” Lock her up!

President Trump, you promised to “end DACA” and kick out all of the illegals in America. Do it!

President Trump, you have made many promises, not the least of which was to “make America great again.” We elected you to do the things you promised us.

Do them!

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