Democrats Are Willing To kill Americans To Get Their Way.

How many hard-core DEMOCRATS are there in America? That’s a question easily answered with another question, which is, how many Americans want to repeal the Second Amendment?

After Liberal Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens called for a repeal of the Second Amendment, the
Washington Post indicated that the latest poll on the subject shows one-fifth of Americans support the idea of a repeal.

Think about it. Violent Democrats WANT TO KILL AMERICANS TO TAKE THEIR GUNS.

How does repealing the Second Amendment lead to killing Americans? You have to connect the dots. First Democrats will repeal the Second Amendment, next they call for confiscation of all weapons, and finally, police departments and our United States military are kicking down our doors, killing American citizens to take away their guns.

Democrats want to rule America, and as long as there are hundreds of millions of guns in the hands of freedom loving Americans, that can’t happen.

I pray America recognizes Democrats for who they are. Democrats are not freedom loving, Christian capitalists. They are wanna-be dictators, many of them are atheists while some of them are pretending to be Christians. In the end, their goal is to turn America into a socialist country, or maybe even, a DICTATORSHIP.

Peter Shinn