Last Man Standing & Liberal Writers

Tim Allen, for the most part, you do a fine job on the show “Last Man Standing.” @LastManABC

My problem is with the liberal writers. How can you not see when they use you to attack conservatives? Example:

 Halloween episode, from Newsbusters.

“Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) doesn’t like Halloween parties, so he gets his family to dress up as one another in the hopes they’ll annoy each other so much it ruins the party and prevents any future ones.

As the episode pans out, they all have their counterparts, except Mike. He walks out in a Donald Trump costume, much to everyone’s surprise. Mike loves their reactions and especially wants to get Ryan’s goat, as he is a major liberal.”

“Kristin: Uh, I don’t get it, Dad. We’re all dressed like family, and you’re dressed like Trump?
Mike: Trump is like family to me, believe me. He’s got my aunt’s hair and my grandmother’s hatred of foreigners.”

 Tim Allen, why would you allow  those liberal writers, who obviously hate Donald Trump,  to insert the words “my grandmother’s hatred of foreigners” into your mouth?  Didn’t you think about the effect that could have on people watching the show? Donald Trump does not have a “hatred of foreigners.” Ask his wife! 

 The show continues: 

“Vanessa: I love whatever you say and agree with it, Mr. B.
Mike: Thank you, Kyle. You must hate this costume, huh?
Ryan: Uh, are you kidding me? I love that costume. The guy single-handedly destroyed his own party.
Mike: Why would anyone destroy their own party?”

No Tim, the question is, once again, why would you allow Democrats to use you and your show, to attack the Republican Party?

 With barely any of his own money, Donald Trump beat 15 other Republican candidates. He brought in some of the largest voting numbers in Republican history. Yet Republicans are doing everything they can to destroy him.

 Even now, in the final days of this presidential race, Republicans are attacking Donald Trump. Why would they do that? Why would they attack a fellow Republican and allow a Democrat to win? Many so-called Republican leaders are even  publicly saying they are going to VOTE for Hillary Clinton! 

Trump isn’t destroying the Republican Party, the Republican Party has been destroying itself for many years. Now, you have provided another hammer for the Democrats to pound the Republican Party.

 Tim, the liberal writers of the show  will let you think you’re getting away with a “conservative” show.  But they are Democrats, and Democrats are sneaky, manipulative and conniving. They will choose their moments. In this moment, you have allowed them to use you, and “Last Man Standing,” to attack Donald Trump and the Republican Party, in the final, critical days of this election.

I’m not done. As if everything I’ve discussed isn’t bad enough, the ultimate coup was getting everyone on the show to cross-dress. Every show on TV, without fail, Even children’s shows, succeeds in getting men to put on a dress.

 Democrats/liberals have agendas, and they will use anyone and anything to promote their causes.  In just one show, they succeeded in using  a conservative, Tim Allen, to promote two agendas, Homosexuality and attacking the Republican  nominee for president, painting him as a bigot.

Tim, they used you. They not only used you for that one show, I guarantee you, they’re using you in some way, on a regular basis. 

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