Americans have no understanding of crime in America

When Donald Trump made comments about illegal Latinos and crime, Democrats screamed and called him a liar. Trump only scratched the surface. Crime in America, committed by illegal Latinos and minorities each year, is much worse!

 This article from American Thinker in 2015 should be required reading for every American citizen. Especially those who vote. The headline is:

Illegal Aliens Murder at a Much Higher Rate Than US Citizens Do

By Randall Hoven

 This chart puts a lot of things in perspective:

 To understand the extreme number of crimes committed by illegals in America, I recommend going to the article and reading all of it. The conclusion is:

 “Illegals and noncitizens make up 3% and 8% of the population respectively, but commit at least 22% to 37% of the murders. Illegals likely commit murder at around 10 times the rate of all US inhabitants.” 

Around 6,000 people are killed by illegal aliens, almost all Latinos, every single year! 

 Democrats are constantly screaming for gun-control. The old saying is “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Illegal Latinos, brought in by the millions by Democrats, have killed countless thousands of people in America. As you can see in the chart, and the article, millions of crimes have been committed by illegal aliens. 

 Unfortunately, Republicans have turned a blind eye to illegal immigration all these years. While Democrats brought them in for the votes, Republicans wanted them for the cheap labor. Both parties are guilty.

 The people of America need to speak up and end illegal immigration. Violent criminals need to be incarcerated and we need stiffer penalties for violent crimes. 

 America now knows that the propaganda media, including Fox News, doesn’t show the complete picture. We need to open our eyes and look at all available resources. 

Donald Trump is the last hope to shut the doors on illegal immigration in America. For now. Even if he is elected, and even if he succeeds, children of socialist leaning parents are now the majority in America. In 20 years, American patriots will be outnumbered anyway.

As the years go by, the only way politicians will get elected, is if they start supporting socialist causes. 

We can’t stop America from becoming socialist, but at least we can delay it for a little while. 

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