From the Heart of a Pastor: What I Am Telling My Congregation About the Election

Are you stressed out over this election? If you are, just know you are not alone.

So many are angry, confused or in fear over the outcome of the elections. “I just can’t see Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump in the Oval Office. I don’t like either of them. What in the world is happening?”

I have felt that way at times during the course of this campaign season. Yet, as a pastor, I knew I had the responsibility to help my congregation stand in faith for our nation. To do so, I needed God’s perspective on the election.

I am so grateful for the privilege of pastoring Eagle Mountain International Church in Fort Worth, Texas. We are the church of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Brother Copeland also happens to be my father-in-law.

While pondering the election, the Lord reminded me of a discussion Brother Copeland and I had on September 22, 2012. He gave me a preaching assignment for the church. He said, “George, you need to compare the platforms of the two political parties. Look at what the two parties have stated about a particular issue. Compare the two platforms to God’s Word. Then, determine which platform best aligns with how the kingdom of God operates.”

Up to that point, I had never considered reading the platforms. I did not realize those party platforms would be the driving agenda for the next four years of legislation. Nor had I considered the long term effects these platforms would have on my children and grandchildren.

Something else Brother Copeland shared that day absolutely startled me.
He said, “George, make it clear that a platform is something you stand on. The planks represent the individual issues. To vote for that platform is to attach yourself to it. And, you will be a partaker of the judgement of that platform. For instance, you could vote for a person for some other reason, but if they support abortion, you have just become an accomplice.”

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