Hillary’s health? As usual, nothing to see here.

 The BBC, also known as another branch of CNN (Clinton News Network) ran the headline “Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia.” The photo they used was a smiling Hillary waving to the cameras. The article is just as misleading as the photograph and headline.

 First of all, the video they display states that “Footage has captured Hillary Clinton appearing to stumble.” 

“Appearing to stumble?” Are you kidding? It’s obvious she stumbled, and before that, she was weaving back and forth like a zombie! Also, she stumbled out of her shoe, which fell underneath the van.

Let’s check out some of the videos of Hillary Clinton in “excellent health.” The first one is the latest incident, where she is stumbling like a zombie into the van.


As you can see, #ZombieHillary is not having a good day. The next one shows many other incidents where she is either coughing, stumbling, falling or other.


 Next came the statement that she “had become dehydrated.” Really? Must’ve been that hot, blazing New York Sun, which was cooking the people at 79°. Seriously, “dehydrated?” Hillary Clinton either has a bottle or a glass of water in her hands or by her side at all times. 

 Her doctor added that she has pneumonia. Yeah, Pneumonia. Does every doctor recommend going to a major event to give a speech with pneumonia? Bizarre.

 The BBC continues with “Secretary Clinton has been experiencing a cough related to allergies.” What allergies? Is she allergic to common people? Everywhere she goes she is coughing, and the same excuse, “allergies,” pops up over and over. The problem is, these are different states, with different trees, and the pollen count right now is low almost everywhere! 

 As you can see, weed pollen may be very high in some locations, but it certainly wasn’t in New York, and not anywhere else she has been either. 

 The BBC says “Dr. Bardack said she was ‘in excellent health and fit to serve as President of the United States.'” These coughing fits have been going on for a while, and her doctor made that statement just a couple weeks ago. 

 Then the BBC quoted Hillary’s campaign staff, saying she was “overheated.” I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen many people get “overheated” in 79°, in the shade. 

 Going for the homestretch, the BB say BBC says:

 “Then there are the conspiracy theories about her health, some advanced by top Trump campaign surrogates – which will become more frenzied.” 

 Hello! Hillary Clinton has been coughing and unsteady for weeks, these aren’t “conspiracy theories,” and many people have been reporting on this issue. Well, of course, not the Democrat media. 

 Finally, the BBC has to throw out some innuendo, otherwise their attempt at covering up for Hillary isn’t complete. 

“Donald Trump, age 70, is not clear of medical concerns of course. The only information on his health comes from a haphazardly written note from his doctor.”

 My, it’s amazing how one small sentence can say so little about so much. First, “age 70, insinuating he’s an old fart. Next, “is not clear of medical concerns of course.” 

“Of course?” Why “of course?” Because you say so? There haven’t been any videos posted of Trump exhibiting any kind of health problems. Unlike Hillary, where there are many!

 And then, they act depressed because there isn’t information about Donald Trump being sick and in his deathbed. The BBC says there is just a “haphazardly written note by his doctor.” Oh, you mean unlike the lying statements that come from Hillary Clinton’s doctor, like where he said Hillary Clinton is “in excellent health and fit to serve as President of the United States?”

 Typical Democrats / liberals / socialists, trying to turn around what’s really happening. There are plenty of facts that #CrookedHillary Clinton is a lying criminal who has been sick for a long time, yet they accuse Trump of being racist with health problems, neither of which are true.

 I understand why they don’t want to be honest. Obviously, there has been / is something seriously wrong with Hillary Clinton, probably not just one condition. That’s not the kind of thing that gets you elected president! 

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