Why allowing over ELEVEN MILLION illegals to stay is a bad idea

Almost all Republicans now want to allow over 11 million illegal aliens to stay in America, even if they don’t get citizenship. 

 Check out this speech by Rep. Sean Duffy, who says the “Trump deportation plan is impractical.” 

Obviously, he’s talking about the original Trump plan, not the Trump 2.0 immigration plan. 

Recently, Donald Trump changed his position. Now he wants to just deport the “bad guys.” He is wrong, and so are all the Republicans who support allowing the illegals to stay. Here is why.

 Trump and the Republicans are forgetting one important point. Women have babies. Currently, because of the many tens of millions of “immigrants” who have flowed into this country, illegally and legally, whites are outnumbered in kindergarten. 

I’m not making that point as a racist, it’s just a fact. 

Having more foreign-born children in America than legal American citizens isn’t the only problem, it’s what they believe, and how they vote. Latinos vote socialist / Democrat. It’s what they grew up with and it’s what they know. Just like blacks, who for no good reason, vote for Democrats, who continue policies that keep them unmarried and on the government dole. 

 The reality is, in another 18 years, these socialist voting children will make sure Democrats never lose an election again. Think about it, there’s no way to stop them. Republican voters will be completely outnumbered.

 Now, let’s address the 11+ million illegals who are in the country today. Trump says he won’t give them amnesty. Really? You were going to keep them in the background? 

And this notion that you will tax them. You can’t tax people that you don’t make a part of the system. And if you make them a part of the system, they are then eligible for an earned income tax credit. So the taxes they pay will be wiped out anyway. 

 Once all of these illegals come out of the shadows, imagine the millions of lawsuits that come along with that as well.

What about the babies they are having on American soil every day? 

Every baby born by an illegal in the United States of America automatically gains United States citizenship. It wasn’t meant to be that way. The law was created to guarantee blacks, who were brought over here as slaves, couldn’t be booted out by the Democrats. 

Today, Democrats cheer the law, because they have suckered generations of blacks into voting for them. 

Elections in some counties are decided by as few as one vote. The national election is affected by handfuls of votes in counties and cities, and in the end, some presidents only win by a few million votes.

 Demographic Winter

 America is not the only country experiencing a demographic winter, with its population being replaced by foreign people. Western nations just don’t want to have children anymore. Western nations believe children are inconvenient and expensive.

It’s happening in all western nations. Some European countries, like Germany, are embracing millions of Muslims who will replace them one day, just so they can get those people to pay for their social welfare today. The punchline to the joke is, not only do these “refugees” not want to work, they just want social welfare, and they openly tell Germans how they will replace Christianity with Islam one day. 

 In America,”non-Hispanic whites have a total fertility rate of 1.76 children per woman, compared to 1.90 for non-Hispanic blacks, 2.19 for Hispanics, and 1.77 for Asians.”

You need to 2.1 children to replenish the population of a country / race of people. Non-Hispanic whites and Asians are way below that, Latinos are doing just fine. 

Yes, I know, don’t give me the spiel that “America is a nation of immigrants.” Obviously we are, we just aren’t a nation of illegal immigrants. 

In the past, politicians respected the laws of our country and they worked hard to maintain the proper balance of immigrants. Our immigration laws were set up to make sure those who came here had time to assimilate. Today, Republicans and Democrats fight hard to keep the steady flow of illegals coming into this country. Republicans want the cheap labor, Democrats want the easy votes. 

So, here we are. At least 6 million Latino women are in America and having American babies. And yes, the majority of those children will vote for Democrats.

Here’s Donald Trump’s plan.Build a wall, deport the criminal illegals, enforce current laws, but only with illegals who are here who have committed crimes. 

Why is it a bad idea to build a wall, keeping in 11+ million illegals, who are driving down wages, many whom have stolen American identities? Like I said, in 18 years, Republican voters will be clearly outnumbered anyway. But if we don’t deport the millions who are here now, they will drop millions of babies on American-style soil, who are guaranteed American citizenship, who will also vote Democrat.

 Oh well, in the famous words of Hillary Clinton, “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?” 

Conservatives have been lied to by Republican politicians for many years. The Republican Party was infiltrated by socialist thinking politicians, or they are part of the big business cabal, who want cheap labor at all costs. 

Many federal Republican politicians today certainly aren’t trying to end abortion, stop illegal immigration or defend the Second Amendment. In one way or another, most of them are weak at the knees, Or they directly support Democrat policies . 

Conservatives who believe in the American flag, the Second Amendment, freedom of speech and all those other things that made America great, are now outnumbered by socialists, who will change America forever.

 Even if we boot out the many millions of illegals who are currently here, eventually, the Democrat Party will win the “long game.” Democrats are smart. They change things overnight when they can, but when they can’t, they attack our laws with a steady drip, drip, drip of “change,” until they win.

 In my opinion, conservatives need to pick a state or a few states, and secede from the union. I see no other way. The United States of America has become the United States of the Democrat Party.

 I grew up in Germany, a socialist country. For years, I’ve been trying to tell Americans, you don’t want that. You don’t want to be arrested for speaking your mind.

Do you? 

Believe me, it’s coming. 

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