Blackish TV Show Goes Hard-Core Racist

The latest episode of the TV show Blackish, “hope,” turns hard-core racist. 

 Over and over they saying that whites, and white police officers hate blacks, and want nothing more than to shoot them down in the streets. They even inferred that whites wanted to kill Obama.

Anti-white, anti-American Hollywood bigots are controlling this sad message, pretending to wrap it in “hope.”

 I watched the entire show, hoping they would turn it around. I was praying they seriously weren’t sending this message of hate to all black Americans in the United States of America. Unfortunately, they didn’t redeem themselves at all. 

 Let’s do a synopsis of the show:
 First, the son asks “Why are they all so mad,?” Referring to a protest they were watching on TV. 

 The grandfather answers “Because they (white police officers) are all damn thugs.”

 The mother says “Not all of the police.”To which the father replies “Yeah, only 92%.”The other 8% are advisers on Law and Order episodes.”

 The grandmother then says “You can try to mask the problems of this world (with food) but it doesn’t change the fact police in this country have a problem with black folks.” The father responds “Thank you mama.”

 The older son says “Police definitely have a place in society, but with almost 1000 police related fatalities and billions of dollars in misconduct settlements, there might be some issues.” 

 Then, in an argument with his wife, when she asks “What are we going to tell him,” the father says “They’re not just children, they’re black children, and they need to know the world they’re living in.”

Yeah, he must mean that racist, black-hating America that shoots blacks at every opportunity.

 Then the father lectures the sun, telling him he has to get the “full picture,” adding ” are dying in the street.” The little daughter turns in surprise and says “Hold up, little kids are dying?” The little son adds “we’re little kids.”

 The mother then says “can you please not freak the kids out without giving justice a chance to be served?” She adds “I know a lot of stuff has been letting us down recently, but the evidence in this case is pretty clear.” Continuing with “Maybe if we take a beat, and let the system work, without having to unpack all this ugliness for two kids that have plenty of time to see all of that and more.” 

 The grandfather says “If you’re asking us to lie to Jack and Diane, I can’t support you on that darling.” 

 The mother says “I’m not asking you to lie to them, I’m just asking you to give them a little faith in the world. Help them hold onto their innocence.” 

 Talking to the children, the mother says “the point is, something bad happened and that’s why we have laws, trials and we just let the justice system do its job.”

 Yeah, we know where this is going, don’t we?

 Then, the whole family looks up at the screen as they’re announcing the verdict for the police officer. The man on TV says “Good evening, the grand jury has had a chance to review the case and the evidence , and have decided against the idea …”

That’s when the mother and everyone else starts screaming their anger at this decision. 

The father yells “what the hell!?,” And the grandmother yells “turn it off, turn it off!” 

 Dre, the father, then looks at the mother and says in disgust “This is your justice system doing its job.” The grandfather says “Same old story.” The little kids, wondering what was going on, are upset. The little boy says ” I don’t understand” and the little girl adds “Yeah, how could this happen?” 

 Then, while they’re all discussing the case and trying to figure it out, the mother says “Statistically speaking, the system works.” The little daughter then chimes in, looking at her tablet, saying “Well, according to these statistics, 25% of police shootings in LA County from 2010 and 2014, were of unarmed suspects.” 

 The mother then says “Okay, can I play devils advocate for a second?” The husband says “Why do you have to advocate for the devil? He does not need help with his legal team.” 

 Yup, white people and the justice system are just Lucifer in disguise.

 Okay, I’m done with the synopsis of the show. Not that there isn’t more, I’ve just had enough. Let’s get to the root of this. 

 “The episode was inspired by a real-life predicament that creator Kenya Barris faced in late 2014, watching the news with his family when riots broke out in Ferguson, Missouri, After police officer Darren Wilson was not indicted for the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.”

 Think about it. Michael Brown was a big guy, a criminal thug, who tried to kill a police officer, yet the creator of the TV show Blackish thinks that situation was injustice. He then decides to use his platform, which reaches millions of black people in America, to promote racism. 

 Anthony Anderson, who plays the father, Dre, said “After laying groundwork last year, the show can more easily explore, topical, weightier themes in its second season.” 

 Yeah, in another words, now that you’ve lured in millions of people to watch a “comedy” show, you’re going to indoctrinate us with your anti-American / anti-white bigotry.

 I used to enjoy the show. I’m done. I hope others recognize the show for its attempt at controlling America’s minds. 

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