It’s US versus THEM

I believe Democrats have understood this basic principle from the beginning of America. They aren’t trying to figure out how to work together in our common cause, because we have no common cause with them. 

 Think about it, ever since the Revolutionary war, the Democrats have been fighting against everything Republicans or freedom-loving people have stood for. 

For one, they didn’t want to win the Revolutionary war. Democrats have been, currently are and always will be socialists. So, after they lost the Revolutionary war, they figured their day will come, sooner or later.

– Republicans believe in the Second Amendment, Democrats don’t. 

– Republicans believe in the right to homeschool your children, Democrats don’t. 

– Democrats believe in abortion and using taxpayer money to pay for it, Republicans don’t. 

– Democrats believe homosexuals should have unlimited power to attack those who disagree with them, Republicans don’t. 

– Republicans believe in freedom of speech, Democrats don’t. 

– Republicans think the American flag is a patriotic symbol, Democrats believe it is a symbol of hate and racism. 

– Republicans believe you should work hard and earn your money, Democrats believe they should have unlimited money while giving Republican money to everyone else.

– Republicans love the “typical” family, husband, wife and children, Democrats don’t.

Like the steady drip drip drip of Chinese water torture, Democrats pursued their efforts. Don’t get me wrong, Republicans have had their successes. They ended slavery and they passed the c1ivil rights laws. But for many years, their glory days have faded. As a matter of fact, in some cases, now they actually work with the Democrats to destroy America. 

 When the Democrats pushed for more legal and illegal immigration in the 60s, the Republicans not only turned their backs, they supported the concept because of cheap labor. 

In 1973, Democrats snuck abortion through using the Supreme Court, the Republicans have been helpless to end it ever since. They NEVER even tried! Anti-human Democrats have successfully used abortion to kill 60 million people in the United States. 1

 In many cases, Democrats have successfully committed many crimes and continue to hold the highest offices. Think Bill Clinton, rapist / molester-in-chief. 

Now we have Hillary Clinton. This woman has committed countless crimes. Countless! And once again, Republicans are helpless to stop her.

Headline reads:

 “House Republicans pursue perjury charges against Hillary”

 Yeah, that sounds good, but guess who they have to go to for these charges? Obama’s Justice Department. As they say, you just can’t make this stuff up. 

 Do Republicans really think Obama is going to hold Hilarry accountable for anything? He hasn’t yet, so why would he do so now? 

 Republicans just don’t get it. Democrats are not honest, they don’t have integrity, they don’t have values or morals and they won’t pursue charges against themselves. Well, not unless they have to, in order to get ahead.

Democrats have successfully packed this country with illegal aliens. They have successfully taken over our government, our schools, unions and every other place of control.

 Because of this, what America stands for will go the way of the dodo bird. Very soon, Republicans, or I should say freedom loving conservatives, will no longer exist as a party. The illegals, when they get the right to vote, will vote for socialists / Democrats, and the Republicans will have to take a big step to the left. 

Soon, the United Nations will decide American law, and many aspects of our nation will be controlled by the international community.

 How have the Democrats had so much success in destroying America? The Christian church turned their backs.

 Democrats knew they had to shut up the churches in America, because the real battle is good versus evil. And let’s face it, many policies of Democrats are flat-out evil. They went to the churches and they said “I’ll tell you what, you shut up on politics, and we will give you tax-free money.” The churches eagerly took the bribe, and they turned their backs on the extremely evil policies that Democrats have pursued ever since then. Like: 

– abortion

– embryonic stem cell research

– other human killing research

– homosexuality

– human-animal hybrids

– in vitro fertilization

And many more.

 Democrats have had one thought throughout all these years. “It’s us versus them, and we will win.” And unfortunately, they have won.

 Even if Donald Trump wins the election, there are so many illegals in this country who have become American citizens, within 15 years, most of them will be voting socialist / Democrat.

 Soon, Obama will give control of the Internet to the international community. Websites like mine will be forced to close, so I might as well say what I want while I still can. Americans don’t understand,in the rest of the world,you can be arrested for speaking your mind.

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