Videos – the terrorists are bad enough, what about the “moderate” Muslims

After Islamic terrorists killed at least 35 people, wounding hundreds more, not all Muslims are sympathetic to Belgium, the innocents mourning, the killed or the injured.

One Muslim woman walked up to the Brussels Memorial, picked up on Israeli flag, tore it to pieces and hid it.

Swedish women put on hijabs in support for the Muslim community, not the people who were killed.

A Muslim man celebrated Islamic murder in front of everyone at the Brussels memorial. He walked into the middle of the crowd, who was showing respect to the killed and injured, and screamed “PALESTINE!” repeatedly.

CNN reported these stories on their front page.


No, CNN decided it was more important to show “right-wing” and Nazi extremists.

They also found time to attack Donald Trump and his response to the terrorist attack.

Today we find out our “key ally” Turkey, supports the terrorists.

On Easter Sunday, Islamic terrorists killed over 70 people and wounded hundreds of others. Mostly women and children.

Think about the actions of those so-called “moderate” Muslims at the Brussels Memorial. They support Islamic terrorists, and they support the killing of anyone who supports Israel. All of those countries in Europe who are accepting Muslim “refugees” should recognize whom they are allowing into their countries.

I’m not saying all Muslims are terrorists, but I am saying many are, and many Muslims support the terrorists, even if they don’t put the dynamite on their own backs.

I’m curious. At what point can we expect the 1 billion so-called “moderate” Muslims to step up and fight those who “don’t represent Islam?”

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